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How to give her zenith of euphoria with your tongue involved?

If you think only male folks have balls for oral sex than you are wrong. Girls too have sumptuous desire to be explored with tongue. In fact girls has erogenous zone more than man. So, next time you want to give your girl real high try Oral Sex to give added pleasures combined with a thrilling orgasm.

Nothing to offend but Men is beast when it comes to intimacy. They want to explore everything as fast as possible. But hold on….not all woman are same! May be the last woman you have got intimate with has been as adventurous as you but at the hard core all woman are emotional and enjoys soft and gentle touch. Don’t just satiate your desire…. fill her up too with all the craving she possibly has.

Make it erotic

Woman are generally laid off when they are asked to put the penis of their partner in their mouth but when its their turn to be explored orally they are more than excited. So guys’ one thing that goes with you is surety of enjoying the act on her part. But what matter is how you perform and make her feel on the scale of one to ten of enjoyment.

Start on with smooth but deep breaths by bringing your face down to her inner thighs. Thighs are the most erotic zone to tempt woman after her pussy. Once you are done with exploration of every inch with your tongue and lips on her thighs slowly move on to her vagina. While smooching and kissing her thighs you can tease her pussy by using your fingers. You can also nip and bite on her thigh to give her sensuous feel. But make sure you don’t hurt her. Raise your head periodically to look in to her eyes if she is making fun. Most of the woman stems on with sucking of their breast. Therefore you can jump on to her breast before coming to the main mission. Use your hand, your lips, your tongue or your mouth but be passionate. Kiss her behind her ear… kiss her on her forehead, her shoulders, her neck, her belly but rule of thumb is keep track of her pussy with your other hand while exploring her body. The moment she is frenzied with ecstasy and cant bear anymore give her seventh heaven by bringing your face inside her legs. There you are….pussy-the poor baby is now all yours!!

Clitoris- your ultimate bait!

As you start with kissing stimulating the labia of her vagina with your tongue-do it slowly. Hold her by waist and give gentle push on her clitoris with your mouth. Another trick is rubbing your face on her pussy before your tongue enters her hole. Exploring her hole can have infinite possibility to get dirty and give her rapture of elevation. You can try out vacuum trick where you have to place your mouth over her hole and start sucking in and out. This will for sure give her enthralling sensation and she will scream with pleasure wanting more. Sweeping and circling her vagina with your tongue is another trick to mesmerize her. You can sweep your tongue left and right in her clitoris and can get deep down exploring her g-spot.

Start slow when you insert your tongue in her hole. Likewise you do with your shaft inside her you can use your tongue. Be rhythmic but increase force and speed of rooting your tongue in and out of her clitoris

Getting dirty!

There are innumerous thing you can do with oral sex involved. Just rolling your tongue on her hole can become insipid if not combined with sensual tricks. Food treat is a scrumptious delight to explore vagina. You can spread honey, ice-creams, melted chocolates over her body (or her vagina to be more specific) and start licking every inch of it. It will feel yummy and will give you and your partner extra pinch of sensation.

Fingering and squirting also please her. You can use your single finger or multiple fingers and insert it in her hole intensely. Explore her g-spot and do everything you do with your organ. You can have taste of her fluid by licking your fingers and kiss her on mouth to give her taste of herself too.

Some tips to know her more

  • Don’t feel shy to ask her feedback. You also ask her to guide you discover her knotty point
  • Take care of grooming your fingers and nails before doing oral sex
  • Have shower and ask her to have shower too in order to secure hygiene issue
  • Observe her as she masturbates. This will help you to know more about the way and the areas where she get aroused
  • Don’t hesitate to ask her what she want and she want it done
  • Try different location even farthest in your fantasies and dreams

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