Oomph of Aphrodisiacs
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It’s all in your mind. The sex begins with your brains. And this is called as state of arousal. Anything that helps you elevate your spirit of intimacy and increase your libido is termed as “Aphrodisiacs”. Aphrodisiacs have their origin from the Greek goddess which is regarded as symbol of ‘Sensuality’. In common parlance they are something that turns you on. It can be some food or vibes that can lift up your senses.

Though science still doubts their credibility but these time-tested remedies in form of Aphrodisiacs really solves your predicament of low spirits. Aphrodisiacs works with your central nervous system by enabling your body to produce certain chemicals required to push up the love-making inclination. They are natural product that helps you improve your ability towards increasing your libido.

How they work?

Aphrodisiacs are not replica to your healthy and nutritious diet. They are just supplement to enliven your sensuous nerves so just keep a track of your diet chart accompanied by aphrodisiacs intake. Also if you believe in myth that aphrodisiac will help you resolve your psychological splits and difference with your partner than wake yourself up. Aphrodisiacs have nothing do with your personal problem. You have to resolve them yourself. In case of differences with partner, work it out with efficient communication and if you have psychological problem than have counseling with sexologist. But Aphrodisiacs tempts you to boost up your spirits and makes you high to perform energetically. They help you in certain medical problem which gives rise to sexual dysfunction like vascular disease, diabetes, prostrate enlargement, male andropause, hardening of penile arteries etc.

Impotence which is rampant sexual dysfunction in majority of men after the age of 50 is tremendously helped by the intake of Aphrodisiacs.

Pick your Aphrodisiac

When we talk of Aphrodisiac besides natural treasure we can also have them in category of man processed products and also the mind mixing.

Nature bliss

Rhino horn is a top nature gift that comes in category of natural Aphrodisiac. This horn is something like erect penis and is a time tested classical remedy that help you in sustaining strong erection. Another popular stimulant in this category is Spanish fly. It is a very precious aphrodisiac in the sense it is very strong but the problem lies in it being highly toxic in nature. Oysters and fruits those are similar in shape to male organ like banana, carrots, asparagus etc are noticeable aphrodisiac. Same goes with Oysters as it resembles the vagina.

Processed products

When processed product are in question than chocolates rules the trail! Think of chocolate and you get your temptations instantly. It is a perfect aphrodisiac to give you sizzle and sensational delight to contribute to the additional adventure in your bed. Other processed products that fall into aphrodisiac category are alcohol, desserts like cheesecake and ice-creams etc. Though Alcohol is considered as aphrodisiac but using it for this purpose is not a good idea because of other perils of loosing of sense attached with it


As the word connotes it has to do with your psychology to bring you in play mood. Anything that gives you sensuous high enters the category. Sensuous and dampen aromatic setting of your bedroom, mind blowing dress, or enticing music, all can bring a positive sexual attribute in you. Other things attached with psychoanalysis are your figure maintenance, boosting your spirits by indulging in sporty physical activities, meditation or yoga and friendly socializing. In extreme case you an also start having sex-counseling if you have any phobic or other concerns acting as obstacle in your way.

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