Attitude to play Games (SEX!)
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Kids grow up and quit playing games…Do u think the same? Well Kids grew up in to an adult but if you think one must quit playing games than give yourself a break. Games and toys are always good for all and sundry regardless of age. But the genres of games change. Okay let’s end your suspense now. Yes, we are talking of Sex Games. Intimacy is no sin but a routine and the same thing each day make you loose interest and eventually you grow apart. We don’t deny the fact that sex is not everything but don’t keep yourself in elusion for long. Remember that it is a key to keep you intimate and make your relationship stronger. But the catch is no boring pings each day. Think different and amuse yourself with all ritzy propelling of your mind.

Coming back to games perception….you may be wondering what are these games and how can they really help you? Come on shake up your memory and just recall the gizmo that you used to gather while being involved in games with your playmate in your childhood. Yes, there you are- a feeling of freshness, adventure and what not? The same apply with your sex games. It not only fills your life with exuded energy but draws a snowballing adventures and pleasure.

And hold on …there’s more with these raunchy games. No one loose here! You both actually are winner as you satiate your lust with surprise element. The thrill, surprise and the glee of unique element in your intimacy keeps your gusto alive. And moreover these games are not a bigwig to play. Just an inclination needed and you can do wonders to your love making! Each day is different and how you do it matters a lot.

Not a bigwig… but a simple strike…

Important is… keep a surprise element alive. We all are amused by surprises and the enthusiasm that comes with surprises makes us a different human being all together. Yesterday Tom returned home before schedule and before his wife return from office and planned to play something different to surprise his partner. As Annie approached her home, the first surprise came in the form of knowing that Tom is already home. Her lips stretched upwards and she knocked at door with an extra delight. But another delight is still there. Tom has set a game ….he opened the door impostering as an attendant. “Welcome Madam …Its pleasure to see you in our café…please come inside”, voiced Tom with besotted hoarseness in his voice but with a serious spree. He still has much more for her girl. He then served him her drink with immense oomph. Made her relaxed and comfortable on plush sofa. An every inch in his movement and what will happen next give her an extra inch of seductive edge. And finally the striptease by Tom made her wild and they had a fanatic love making. If there could be more JOY on earth.

Yes this is the magic of such simple and sweet games. And moreover these kind of surprises are least expected by females from their males counterpart so they work best in all circumstances. Just have the GO…and make your woman horny

Some seductive games

Lusty Flashlight is a quick spree to make you hot and aroused. Take a penlight or flashlight and switch off all the lights before you crawl into the bed. Throw light on your body at a place where you would like to be explored by your partner’s tongue. Keep it there as long as you want to get licked and then change the spotlight. To try more fun you can change spotlight fastly and ask your partner to move at the pace of light. Now you can handover the flashlight to your partner and get set to enthrall him with your sensational tongue movement

Touch sense or guessing games works amazingly with your dirty mind. Choose any private part of your partner body and start scribbling something dirty with your fingers and ask the partner to guess what you are writing. If the partner fails to answer than you can make him do things with your body that excites you most. Torso or chest for men and inner thighs for woman is best placing to dingle your finger for writing something.

Chit games- Make some chits of paper and write some intimate things and love making tricks over it. Be as dirty as you can while scribbling things on chits. Fold them and start playing. Throw them and pick them randomly and whatever pops up on the chit has to be performed by the chit opener.

The excitement and sense of what comes next takes you in an unleashed world of horny pleasures. So are you games freak? I bet now you are…!!

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