6 sexual position that woman crave for
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Orgasm is always an issue when it comes to woman as compared to man. Man comes too early when question of woman orgasm is in talk while getting it for him too fast. But manipulated tactfully, woman can also have rapture of fabulous orgasm given the positions and rhythm followed by both the partner. Those are the sexual position that woman love with the reason of satisfaction attached. Getting helped with the knowledge is sure a help for man looking to give passion to their woman as mentioned below are position that woman love.

Missionary position

A primal position but has immense drive of satisfaction for woman. Woman love this because they love intimacy on whole and sense of being conquered with soft pressure by her man. This gives her inimitable level of fulfillment. In this position your woman lay on her back and you on top. Yu take the power for penetration and due to the friction involved men tends to ejaculate much faster. But with a planned intention you can withhold and make it orgasmic for your woman too. Other bounty attach to this sexual position is the closeness you get in maneuvering each other body. You can kiss fiercely on her face, neck, lips; get hold of her booty busts; thrush your thighs with her hands and your hands may crawl up behind her butts and what not. It’s for sure body treat that gives you both an added exuded intimacy of each other skin. Though it’s a conventional and time-tested position over the year but you can make it more creative. Pull a pillow beneath her butts and accelerate clitoris stimulation and g-spot.

Woman on top

Who does not want to have control and power? Actually no one! In this position woman has absolute power to control the level of penetration. Here man lay at his back and woman sits on her thighs. She plays by resting her hand on your thighs at her backwards or can put them at your shoulder side. This position requires exuded energy and gives woman control over the angle and depth of penetration she wants. In the mean time as she do her act you can fondle with her breasts and can also bent slightly upwards to have hold of her sumptuous nipples between your lips.

Reverse Cowgirl

This position is also bit same as woman on top but it differs on the note that here woman sits in reverse direction that is to say she faces the foot of her man. Men love this position because it allows them to see their woman play and how she does it to satiate herself. As she sits in reverse of your face and swivels erotically to please her you can hold her waist and can give her more sensitization by rubbing or mildly scratching her back.

Doggy Style

This will be surprise for most of the man that woman love this position too. But believe me if you have caught the idea of her fantasies in performing this style than there’s no other position magnanimous than this one. The jerk lies when you consider her as a commodity and she feel menial. Make her feel important and tell her that she can enjoy it too. In this position woman is on her all fours like a doggie and man comes from behind in kneeling position. Another twist can be- bent a little so that your bare chest can touch her back and stroke her breast as you progress with penetration rhythm. Make it full of energy and fast on speed as per the tempo. The tap on g-spot stimulation is ecstatic high that gives woman multiple orgasms in doggie style.

Standing at erection level

Think of a quickie and out of box than here you are. Give yourself a break from bedroom and get something fresh and nutty. Make you woman sit on some elevated position like kitchen slab, dining table, washing machine and top of car bonnet or the knottiest of position you can think off. Once fixed with your woman position, make yourself stand in front of your woman so that you (erection level) are approximately one foot on top of your woman clitoris. This is the position fit for deep penetration, g-spot orgasms and profound thrust.


This is the heart of all position that woman cherish for. You both lay on your side with her back on your face. Woman adore it because she cant resist the feeling of your bare and raw chest on her back and moreover you have great scope of caressing her with your hand. Pull her upper leg behind your hip bone from upper thigh. You both have to move your butts accordingly as you proceed with penetration and in other case you can also use your hand on your shaft to give it a gentle push in her vagina. Woman love this position because your hand freely roves over her breast, navel, inner thighs, clitoris or you arms simply wrapped around her. In addition your mouth is ravishingly at spree to give her love bytes on sensuous spot like behind ears, neck and upper shoulders.

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thanks for the knowledge of new possition
#1 - subin - 03/27/2009 - 06:25
thanks for the knowledge of new possition
#2 - subin - 03/27/2009 - 06:25
thanks for these position but need more positions.
#3 - pooja - 01/28/2010 - 03:36
Doggy Style, that's the position I adore, however my wife does not like it. How can I get her to enjoy this position. We are married for 23 years but she is till too conservative in trying out new styles. I am now getting desparate....
#4 - Dino - 03/02/2010 - 05:50
#5 - BLACK STALLION - 10/07/2010 - 13:23
I just got the ways and directions provided in the above context and will apply to my new girlfriend who is very [@]y and erotic. Hopefully, my new acquired [@] knowledge will work out and help me to conquer her [@]a front line.
#6 - Arman - 10/10/2010 - 08:47
its a very good information. i have a good experience of it. my woman really enjoy all styles. since i did in doggy style, now she already prepare herself for doggy style. but SPOONING is problem for me, we could not enjoy it, i dont know why... plz issue some more information for sucking and licking the body.
#7 - shino - 11/02/2010 - 20:33
i like it when i amm on top things i usually get tired easily bt cant stop cause i like to be in control
#8 - vicky - 01/20/2012 - 04:04
ok but why my girlfriend pretends that she doesn't know how to doggystyle,,,
#9 - frank - 03/20/2012 - 06:21
Very interesting read! My husband and i enjoy spooning the most though we also like doggie style and missionary. We also like a variation of spooning - when i lay on my stomach and he lays on top of me; i keep my legs close together so i can feel every bit of him inside.
#10 - sunny - 05/04/2012 - 20:45
with picture it will be great understanding for all of the man.
#11 - sandip ghosh - 05/13/2012 - 07:42
yen sule mindri makkalu nivu
#12 - bipin - 08/07/2012 - 07:54
Spooning was amazing
#13 - 69 - 05/24/2014 - 22:47
Both me & the hubby love trying new things together [@]ually for we just simply love pleasuring each other on a daily basis, but we both do tend to like the 69 position to pleasure each other orally the most! I love getting on all fours for him so that we can orally pleasure one another very easily. I just love how he taste's my silky smooth kitty from behind as he spreads my [@] cheeks apart with his hands, occasionally licking my back door with his warm, moist tongue while I go to work on that gorgeous smooth 9 in. cock of his while taking in as much of him as I can. He just loves it when I gently run my finger nails over his silky smooth balls & along the entire length of his erect shaft & up to the tip of his luscious head. After a good long session of this we'll change it up a little & he'll take his right hand & begin to [@]ist me in slowly stroking that beautiful manhood of his for me as I love to watch with such delight! At the same time he continues giving my now soaking wet kitty a good lashing with his tongue taking in all of the sweet honey my kitty has to offer him as he continues lapping up all of honey his nose has now founds it's way & nestled right at the entrance of my derrier's back door which just feels so heavenly as he is now working me over from both ends as I pause with shear pleasure from this he continues to grind both his tongue & nose into me! While his tongue continues working on my little love button I am literally frozen & completely overwhelmed from all the pleasurable orgasmic sensations he is giving me he knows he can have his way with me whenever he so desires, I am now ready to go the next round with him by mounting him up on top & riding him good, long and hard till my love cream completely engulfs & covers all of his long beautiful shaft! At this point I rode him for all I am worth & I'm virtually exhausted, is when I dismount and fall off of him onto our bed & spread my legs wide so that he can plow that awesome man meat of his deep inside of my little tunnel of love! Once I've taken all him slowly in, he begins to really pound away at my little kitty, harder & harder, faster & faster just filling my entire body with intense wave after wave of orgasmic pleasures, I am in pure bliss at this stage & completely under his control. After about 10- 15 minutes of his hard pounding he tells me he's about to cum. This is one of my favorite parts, I just love watching him pull out & spew his sweet pearly white hot love cream all over my face, breast's & body! I just love m[@]aging it into my breasts when he's done in giving me every last drop. It makes me so happy just knowing that it was my little kitty that pleasures him & makes him happy! Needless to say, I think I am very fortunate to have found such a man that makes me so happy & can make my smooth kitty quiver & quake with such pure orgasmic pleasures! All I can say is that my hubby simply loves to lick & [@] my sweet silky, smooth kitty, & I just love sucking & [@]ing his beautifully long [@]y, smooth shaven cock! We're just a very [@]ually happy couple of smoothies & I'm loving every inch of him everyday! Below is a photo of my hubby's 9 in. of gorgeous manhood! ;-)

#14 - Tanya - 04/23/2018 - 10:43
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