How Children Feel For Divorce
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How Children Feel For Divorce

Children complete a nest but parents create it, and when the creators become destroyers, then what will happen to the nestlings?? Does that need any explanation?

You can not expect children to understand why you are separating. In their eyes, both of you will be the sinners, and if you have not experienced your parent’s divorce, you can not claim to understand the feelings of your children. How children react upon divorce issues is influenced by certain factors like:


The ability of children to understand the situations purely depends on their mental growth. This is something which can not be helped out, and will happen gradually. Children often do not understand the reason of separation of their parents. It may be because parents do not want to share their anguish with their children. As a result, divorce comes out to be news to them.

In such cases, if the age of children is less, they are more likely to get into a state of severe depression which lasts for a long time and leaves a bleak spot in their mind forever. Such images ruin the innocence of little ones and force them to become grown ups before their age.

Children need affection from both the parents and seek a sense of belonging from their parents. When other children talk about the gifts they got from dad and about the dish their mom makes, can you imagine the mental state of a kid having a single parent?

This state can mould children into either of the two ways:

  • Child can develop an inferiority complex which shakes the confidence and the kid can turn up into an introvert. Such children do not participate in many activities, due to which they can be isolated from their surroundings and usually have a persistent feeling of inferiority. Although they may be better than others, but themselves they do not realize this.
  • The aggression can take the shape of a spoilt child who may not listen to anyone and can become an extrovert. Such children often get involved into Don’ts including drinking habits, smoking, and drugs. They develop a careless attitude towards life.

However, if the children are adolescents, they can understand the situations and analyze the issues with maturity. Although, they feel bad about the divorce, but condition is still better as compared to youngsters. They can accept the situations and mould in the relevant manner.

Understanding with parents

Parents who treat their children as friends are more compatible with them and their children also tend to obey them more as compared to those having orthodox parents. Such attitude always causes an advantage to both by building up a symbiotic relation between children and parents. Children of such parents are aware of every problem their parents are dealing and vice versa. Hence they can cope with any sort of issues including divorce.

Anyways, children understand or not, it is always painful to see your parents getting separated as we always want care and love but not in pieces. The aftereffects of divorce faced by children include the following:

  • Affliction

Grief associated with the divided family hurts children the most. They are used to both the parents living together and if suddenly they don’t find one parent in place, it is extremely painful.

  • Depression

Children are sensitive and to them family is the whole thing of life they have. Even if they understand every issue, they can not help depression as this is some thing natural. Depression can also extend to severe cases in which children develop psychological syndromes.

  • Anger

Offspring’s of divorced parents are often aggressive in nature as they might develop an image of the world in which no one cares for them. Such grown ups are mostly over cautious and aggressive in nature.

May it be children or adults, we all have same feelings. You (Parents) should at least try to compromise, not for your partner, but for your children as they also deserve the same care and love which you have got from your parents. At least give them the liberty to express how they feel and what they want, or, the consequences are known to you. So, think again before filing a divorce. They are your children.

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What alot of people don’t realize is that children don’t need to be small to suffer from the effects of divorce. It is difficult on older children also, even if those children are in their 20′s. To watch their parents break apart a home that they knew is heartwrenching. We need to be aware that all children, a friend intoduce me to dr peter ojojide that help me to restor my marriage back from devioce after my wife have already sign her divorce,she still agree to marry me and we are to together today with our children. thanks to dr ojojide for his help. if you are p[@]ing under divorce right now you can contact him immediately he can help you. email: [email protected]
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#2 - rose - 04/19/2012 - 04:05
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