Had a Break up??
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And those ferocious words still echo in your head? Every thing seems dark before your eyes? You wish to end your life? You can’t stop thinking about it and wonder what was your mistake? Quite normal. So what do you plan to do now?

Isolate yourself from society and friends. That’s what is going around in your mind. Right? Come on. You are not dead. Remember, the person who dumped you is not thinking about the break up the way you are thinking. Had it been that ways, you might not have been in this situation. There’s nothing worse than a break up especially when you devoted your cent percent to it, whilst it failed. . But its life. Everything turns up your way, its not necessary. You need to move on. There is no use to face your sorrow daily. In spite of telling your love story to your friends, and thinking about the past time, Try something new!

There are ways which will help you to survive after the break up. These are listed as follows:

Help yourself!

Find your old friends and relatives and hang around with them. Go out with them and talk something different from your love story. Don’t blame your ex-partner for anything and try to handle your mood lightly. Let it be. The more you take it lightly, the better it will become. Thinking about the break up non stop, will only hurt you. Remember, its you who can help yourself and heal your wounds.

Don’t be vindictive!

It is quite obvious to develop a revengeful feeling for your ex. But this is not going to heal you. Just quietly collect all those things including gifts, mementos, and pictures that remind you of your ex-partner and compile them in a box aside. Do not destroy them as you may not want to. Moreover, may be you need them after some time. But it is important to take off all those remembrances from your site.

Don’t be vindictive. Just accept the fact that you two are no more together, that’s because you are not made for each other. Accept the fact. Playing revenge will only hurt you further and make the situations even more worse.

Move on

Understand that you are still alive. There is no need to lean over any one to help you out. Although you might want to do so but this does not even help much.

Do not look for a new date immediately. It happens that we become used to some one so much that we are unable to face the loneliness after your moral support leaves you. But this is again a wrong decision to date some one out of desperation to kill your loneliness. Often this turns up into a mistake. Immediately after a break up, you are not able to analyze another person and put yourself in another situation. Rather, you should take some time to settle down first and then think twice before entering into any other relation.

Give it a thought

It is important to analyze your mistakes you might have done in your past. Think about the possibilities which might have helped you. Could the things have been the other way, had you been more careful? This will help you when you enter a new commitment and prevent you from repeating those mistakes. Learn from your mistakes.

Do what you always wanted to do

This is a common thing to everyone in a relation that we get engrossed so much into it that we get no time for our hobbies. So buddies, this is the right time to do what you wanted to do always. Enjoy your life and get yourself busy. Some people like sports, some like music, dance, instruments, etc. Just live your dreams.

Get some counseling

Getting professional help from professionals is another option that can really help you especially if you are not comfortable talking to others regarding this.

Life is unpredictable. But you should accept the challenge and fight it. Once you overcome the challenge, it will bring a new confidence in you. So, live your life to the fullest. Past has passed. Future is yet to come. So welcome it!

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