Are You a Good Kisser?? 
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Believe it or not, good kissing techniques decide the quality of relationship you share with your wife or girlfriend. Kiss is the first step toward a strong and intimate relationship. A recent study conducted on kissing, indicate that, women, more often use kissing as an assessment device, where as men are more focused towards sexual activities, then kissing. 

A good kiss can provide a great deal of help in predicting, what kind of a lover a guy will be. On the other hand, a bad kiss can make her step back, preventing her from getting involved.  

The First Kiss 

First kiss is always considered to be special and close to one's heart. Women most often judge a guy by the way his breath smells and his mouth tastes. It is important to carry a mint or a mouth freshener, before going for the first kiss. It also provides an insight to the potential health problems or hygienic conditions. Another critical thing is to make the first kiss easy and comfortable. One of the studies, indicate that men prefer wetter kisses, with greater involvement of tongue than women. 

The way in which lips are locked and a kiss is carried out, can increase or decrease the level of attraction or intimacy for you. If you do it right, you can make her want you any time, any place. Certain crucial things that must be considered, during a sensual, sexy lip-to-lip French kiss - 

  • Those who know, when to go gentle and when to go full-throttle while kissing are supposed to be the best lovers in the world. The sense of proper timing, is either genetically inherited or can be learnt with experience over a period of time.
  • For a French kiss, every women has her own style. This comes with a combination of things like mouth's unique anatomy, including the length of your tongue and width to which you can open your jaws, along with the level of sexual aggression and personal tastes. The basic mechanics involves tilting of head to one side, slight opening of lips and gentle slipping of tongue into your mate's parting lips, followed by exploring what lies inside. Breathing is done through nose. Once the basic technique is understood, further experiments can be done with it.

Types of Kisses 

The Beginner's Kiss - This can be a simple meeting of lips, or a gentle press together. If it is executed with finesse, it can be one of the most memorable kisses. It becomes a real bliss with minimum efforts by providing a little "swirl" to your lips, gently around your lover's. Allow your lips to roam around your lover's mouth.

The Butterfly Kiss - Use eyelashes and flutter them across your lover's lips, eyelids, cheeks, neck, breast or nipples.

The Droplet - It can be tried in the heat of passion. Get over him, while kissing withdraw your lips slightly from his, allowing a few drops of your saliva to drip gently into his mouth.

Eastern Swirl and Poke - This can be applied to lips as well as to the body, by allowing only the tongue to swirl and poke, without any involvement of lips.

Good old French Kiss - The mouth is opened, allowing the tongues to gently probe and swirl against the delicate skin inside the mouth.

The Lover's Pass - Passing anything to your lover in a sensual way calls for this kiss. It could be a piece of chocolate, fruit, or ice. Hold the item between your lips and allow the mouth to touch his. Then, using your tongue, gently push the item gently into his mouth.

The Lush Lap - A kiss with lapping motion of the tongue, which is more contained and controlled, with lips kept close to your lover's skin. Part your lips gently, with firm and slow lap of the tongue pressed to your partner's flesh, lips or mouth.

The Medieval Necklet - It was said to be practiced by medieval ladies, who wore low-cut necklines. It involves, gentle planting of a series of kisses, from lower neck, just below the ears, across the breast bone and finishing it back behind the other ear.

The Mediterranean Flick - It originated from Latin lovers, who flicked little beads of sweat from their partner's body during summers. Use a gentle flick of tongue, to cover your lover's lips, cheeks or neck. It works best for the nipples and around the belly button.

The Naughty Dog - It is found to be best for larger erogenous zones, like neck, breasts, abdomen, and inner thigh. Carried out by gentle lapping movement of tongue across your lover's body, especially in the lower regions of the breast up to the nipples.

The Sliding Kiss - This involves movement of tongue in and out, or back and forth. Kiss used for gently "sliding" erotic food off your lover's body, as a part of your foreplay.

The Snake - Imitating the snake, allow your tongue to flick, lap, and poke. It can be done while French kissing as well as all over your partner's body. It gives a greater effect when done on the outer labia of the shaft.

The Stretch - While French kissing, the tongue is stretched up to rub the roof of your partner's mouth. The sensation created by this kind of kiss can do wonders.

The Vacuum Kiss - Lips are encircled around your partner's lips. Apply a gentle sucking motion, which pulls on the outer rim of the lips. Releasing the vacuum seal, reapply. Vacuum can be applied in a single lip, upper or lower. Applying vacuum on your lover's tongue, while French kissing can make it even better.

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