3 Simple things what Men Want?
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3 Simple things what Men Want?

So you want to become a woman that woman craves for. Here’s how? The following are five tips that can be mastered to make him obsessed with you. Men are too bovine. Given few simple tricks of attention and cracking the things that men actually wants ….makes him All YOURS!! Here is what men wants

#1 A bonus of quickie after man wins or gets some promotion in professional life

Reason- Adrenaline and testosterone level shoots up actually high when he is excited. A winning situation anywhere makes him sensually excited and urge fulfilled gives him an added bonus that he can’t fail to cherish. If you are the one to feel his instincts needs he will adore you more. No matter he wins a game, or team he is supporting wins or he gets a promotion; if you are there to suffix it by enticing him with a quickie, the lustrous twinkle of pleasures in his eyes will make you overwhelmed too.

Here’s how- Though quickie is a best to satiate the instant lust after winning aura but you can make it exciting in hundred ways. It’s how well you understand your man. Standing position with your legs wrapped around his waist is a perfect quickie as he feels exuberantly energetic at this hour. This position gives him more sense of power and extra elevation in spirits. Combined with it you can go on your knees to give him blow job. Though, most of the woman don’t like the idea of swallowing his semen yet a positive swallowing here will take him to new altitude altogether.

#2 Kick off yourself and be a stress buster for him

Reason – Men stress can pop up with hectic life schedule and yet a pressure to perform energetically. A lead by female is something that gives man an additional thrill. Though men are considered to boast the intimacy but a seductive kick sometimes by females make him feel on seventh heaven. He tends to love more fiercely his woman as this gives him the feeling how much his woman love him when he is in his low.

Here’s how- At the times you know that your man is pissed off with work pressure or other reason, make him comfortable on couch before you set things too go. You can slip into your hidden raunchy dress from cupboard and start setting the vibes in room by walking seductively to and fro in front of him. Give him semi lewd looks of your bust line, creeping panty by walk rapaciously. Once you smells that he can’t resist anymore jump on the couch and start your row initiated by shower of kisses on his erogenous zones. Give him all today what he can never imagine from you. But make sure you are the giver and he’s only taker today. So let him get besotted by your bounties. Give him what all men want.

#3 Wild Instincts is the primal of what men wants

Reason This is the naughtiest factor that no man denies. Gentleness and respect kept aside man really fantasies getting wild between the sheets. The rawness is something that comes innate with man’s nature as opposed to woman’s sophistication.

Here’s how It’s okay that sometimes you allow your man getting wild over you but getting wild over your man gives him exuded feeling of being wanted. Don’t feel that you will become a slut if you do it. It’s all about you and him. And if this is what men wants let it be. A blind fold, tying him on bed, fierce oral sex in restroom when you have gone to attend the party are for sure a bountiful bliss for male folks. Here, all you need to have is an extra inch of dare and the euphoria you will swivel will never let you down for paying the price of being daring….

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