Low Libido
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Libido is a term used to describe the natural urge or interest of being involved in love making activities. According to a research conducted by the journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in February 1999, about 43% of women and 31% of men suffer from sexual inadequacy. The pleasure derived from intimate activity, is characterized by gradual built-up to the peak of intensity, which ends with a sudden fall in the excitement. The main factors responsible for low libido are excessive fatigue, stress, physical and mental stress.

Causes of Low Libido

Some of the possible causes of low libido are listed below -

  • Inappropriate amount of testosterone secretion in the body
  • Stress and tension due to problems related to work and personal life, Insufficient sleep, Anger, Depression
  • Unsolved conflicts in relationships, Sexual orientation conflict, to attain control over spouse
  • Past sexual abuse or Infidelity
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Male andropause, Parkinson's disease
  • Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Arthritis, Chronic pain, Hypothroidism,Anemia, Endocrine or neurological disorders
  • Tranquilizers, Anti-hypertensive medications, Intake of drugs like heroin, cocaine and marijuana

Treatment of Low Libido

Low libido is often considered as a symptom of hyperthyroidism. Some treatments used to overcome this problem of low libido are listed below -

Ensuring that the thyroid drug treatment is optimal. In some of the cases it has been found that, the libido problem is solved to a great extent by switching to the drugs that contain T3, including Thyrolar, or a natural thyroid drug like Armour that contains natural forms of T4 and T3. It has been seen that a large number symptoms are cured by adding the thyroid hormones T3 into the typical T4 treatment approach only.

It is important to ensure that the thyroid problems are properly diagnosed and treated according to the latest standards. This is achieved by making sure that the TSH level is best for the health.

Monitoring hormone level in males are very important. Whenever, there is a decrease in the sex drive, it is important for males to get their hormonal level checked. These hormones include testosterone, DHEA and other androgen levels.

Thorough physical check up is also important to solve this problem of low libido. Low sex drive can also be caused due to certain non-thyroid health conditions. Some health ailments including hypertension, high blood pressure and diabetes are responsible for causing low libido, both in males as well as females. It is also suggested that, the physician must be consulted for discussing some diagnosable symptoms of depression, so that one can assess the depression problem or related ailments. It is also important to discuss the intake of other prescribed drugs including anti-depressants, tranquilizers and anti-hypertensive drugs. Addiction to drugs like cocaine and marijuana also reduced the sex drive to a large extent.

Hormonal supplement like testosterone supplementation can cause tremendous increase in restoring the lost libido. Testosterone is available in the form of pills, as a transdermal patch, injection, and as transdermal pellets implanted under the skin.

Losing weight is another way to enhance the sex drive. Excessive weight can make an individual feel less interested in intimate activities. Medically also, being obese can reduce both fertility as well as libido. Losing weight can reduce the number of sex hormone binding globulin drops, which in turn increases the number of free circulating estrogen and testosterone molecules, thereby balancing the sex drive.

Exercise and work out is capable of enhancing the blood flow to all the parts of the body. People working out on regular basis have greater desires, and confidence as well as ability to be aroused easily. They are also likely to achieve orgasm more effectively, irrespective of their age. The best exercise suggested is aerobics, as it enhances the release of endorphins, and chemicals in the brain, which provides a feeling of being healthy.

Some Useful Tips

Lifestyle - It is important to eliminate stress for life. This can be achieved by performing meditation, as it helps to relax the mind and enhance the normal functions. Regular yoga and pranayama can help in restoring hormonal levels and essential enzymes in the body.

Change in dietary intake - A diet which neutralizes toxins produced in body for several weeks helps in enhancing the libido. This can be followed by a low-protein diet to get better results.

Ayurveda's guideline - Vata people lacks stamina and ejaculate the least. Pitta people have average stamina, and ejaculate moderately. Kapha people ejaculate the most.

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