Rekindle the Romance And Sex Back In Your Married Life After 40

After crossing the age of 40 -45 people start thinking that their age to romance is way gone, but the truth is that in today’s fast moving life either they do not have time to romance  with their partner or they do not get the perfect atmosphere in the family to be romantic with their partner.

So if you want to make your married life successful then you will have to steal some moments of romance from your fast; life. These romantic moments will take away the staleness from your married life and will rekindle the romance back in your life. The only thing which you need to do to spice up your married life is few changes in yourself. Just see the amount of happiness, satisfaction and freshness your partner will feel if you will start acting a bit romantic at this stage of your married life.

Sex a necessity with growing age

Many a times the problem is with women too ,it has been found that women also sometimes act stubborn and live with the notion that with growing age there should be no sex. This is really annoying for the husbands because they feel the desire to be close to their partner and when women do not cooperate there develops a rift between the two. It has been scientifically proven that being sexually intimate keeps your mind and body both fresh and it is important to have sex in the growing age too. During the growing age we generally feel that now the age to have sex is over , but there is no age for sex rather with growing age that is after 45 one should have sex quite often . The hormones secreted during sexual intercourse provide freshness and energy to the aging body. This will help in bringing you both close to each other too.

But in our culture as we age the family responsibilities increase and along with that the normal sex routine becomes irregular, the frequency of sex also decreases. This is just like a social law too. In our society sex is just a medium of producing child and not something to keep two people close and romantic. That is why the romance and love between the couples starts losing the intensity after 40 years of age.

Tips to rekindle the romance in sex life

Mutual Understanding

All the couples who establish a mutual understanding with each other their sex life and romantic life both keep on growing and becoming better with growing age. Getting love, giving love and being close to your husband is not just a physical activity which a wife has to perform; it is as much linked with the emotional and daily routine too.

Be prepared in advance

After reaching an age there is some gap between husband and wife and in order to bridge this gap you need to plan in advance to get closer to your husband. Tell him in advance what you have planned so that he is also prepared mentally and physically for the rendezvous. Just give him the hint that next night will be for just you and him. Try to find out new things to spice up your sex life by surfing net or reading books. Small things like fixing date with your husband out in some good restaurant will be a good romantic idea. You can also get close to him suddenly when he is watching TV and just plant a kiss on his cheek , these small acts will make him feel special. Make the kids sleep in their room when both of you are planning to do something romantic in the night and send them to their friends place.

Decorate your bedroom

Between the sexual intimacy and love bed plays an important part, so you can recreate a romantic look on your bed with a sexy bed sheet or lighting candles in the bedroom etc. Small things like putting red roses near the side table of bed, dining together with your husband in the bedroom only, spraying nice smelling room freshener, planning a candle light dinner just with him in your bedroom etc. will make him feel special and both of you will feel romantically closer.

Candle Light Dinner

Invite him for a candle light dinner in the bedroom. In the evening prepare a dinner of his choice and keep it in the bedroom in hot case before he arrives. Make the children sleep early in the other room and now the time is right for you both to start the romantic candle light dinner.

Get ready for him

Get dressed in his favorite dress and we will definitely like if you will dress specially for him only .Do not think that how will he feel when he will see you all ready in the night when he gets back home.

Play romantic songs

Romantic music of his choice can be played to create a perfect environment in the room. Slow music with dance will also be good to ignite the romance.

Repeat the good old memories

Try to remember the good old days and talk about them with each other about how both of you went for a dream honeymoon, first romantic date both of you had together etc. All these good moments will be of great help in reviving the romance back in your life.

How to make love

Just decide before hand that what will be liked most by your partner and according to the mood proceed towards the sexual intimacy.

Do Foreplay

You should know each other’s intimate points and do the foreplay according to that so that the partner gets fully excited before having sex. Moreover if the foreplay would be nice the sexual encounter will be better and enjoyable for both of you. It is very important for you to get your wife in perfect mood.

Do not get away after Orgasm

Generally man and woman get away from each other after orgasm, this is a big mistake. It will create an impression that after having all the fun now you have left her. So stay closer to her after sex for few minutes.

Drink morning tea together

Although it sounds a bit picturesque but if both of you will have tea in the morning sitting together and share some good and romantic talks with her. With growing age this will improve your sex life and both of you will get closer to each other.

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