Red Wine Facials: A Way To Pamper Your Skin

Red Wine Facials To Pamper Your SkinA number of studies and recherches have revealed the fact that an ounce of red wine few times a week helps keep heart diseases, blood pressure etc. at bay. But it is less known but proven that red wine is beneficial for the skin as well. It might seem quite weird but the presence of antioxidants in red wine does make it a good ingredient for skin care. In fact most leading spas and salons use red wine for their facials.

It not only rejuvenates and replenishes your skin but also brings about an instant glow to your face. This secret was well preserved, but now that you know open your refrigerator, open a bottle of wine and start pampering your skin. You can go to any spa or salon to get yourself pampered with red wine facials. But if you intend to save on some money then you can simple do your own red wine facial at home. First of all it is very important that you clean your face properly and get rid of all traces of make up.

Cocoa PowderTake few drops of red wine and massage your face and neck using red wine for at least 10 minutes. This will make your skin firm, soft and supple. You can also try massaging your face with a mixture of egg white and red wine for beautiful skin.

Mix red wine to green tea powder or cocoa powder to make an excellent face pack for skin. A mixture of honey and red wine works really well for your skin. As we all know that Aloe Vera is really good for skin and hence you can also try applying a mixture of Aloe Vera gel and red wine to your face and neck. This will moisturize your skin and leave your skin feeling smooth and silky.

Red Wine With YogurtLikewise you can also try mixing red wine with yogurt and apply to your face and body for radiant and gorgeous skin. Red wine is likely to leave stains on clothes and hence dress accordingly while getting a facial. Also protect your eyes from these face pack as these might result in some amount of irritation. You should definitely try these cheap and effective yet spa style facials for awesome skin.

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