Reasons Why the Kama Sutra Manual Is Important for Sex Life

Losing your sexual libido and interest in your partner too or the urge to go for sex is decreasing then it is high time that you should re-ignite this passion with the help of Kama Sutra – The Love Manual which has been the love or sex guide for ages on this earth. Sexual urge do decline due to many factors it can be anything from stress to normal boring sex on bed every day so why not give this love manual a chance to work upon your sex life and return the same passion in your sex life. There is no need to worry or run to a sexologist for this small problem.

You might have given a try to all the best sex positions described in books or read somewhere but the love and the drive is still missing , then this is the right time when you need to take help of your sexual guide that is Kama sutra which is tried and tested  formula which does wonders in your sexual life . You will be surprised after reading this how-to text on sexual behaviour that it is just emphasising on building compassionate relationship with your companion with all your love and just one chapter describes various sexual positions and how to do them. Isn’t it surprising that the Encyclopaedia of sex “Kama sutra” does not preach different sexual position rather it emphasises on how to build a passionate and intimate relation with your partner. That is the reason why it is said that the biggest sexual organ is not between your legs but it is the brain. So if you enjoy sex and want to have a nice sexual encounter with your partner then be it any position it hardly matters. However it is not so that the importance of sexual positions is not there, they too are very important to add variety and different levels of satisfaction in your sex life.

There have been many versions of this book and going through the whole book is also very difficult so let us just try and find out some good and important points from the book which can really help in spicing up our sex life. The whole book has been divided into seven parts which emphasis various aspects involved in having a better and satisfactory sexual life.

This way it is the perfect guide which tells you each and every aspect about sexual intercourse from staring foreplay to having intercourse and talks about the pleasure of after sex too. So why not just get the important benefits from such a nice guide and make our sex life more intimate and loving. Many articles or books these days just tell us about the positions only but the importance of foreplay and kissing and after play too. This is the reason which makes it so popular throughout the whole world although it originated in India and was written by Vatsyayan.

Reasons why Kama Sutra is the best:

Tantric Sex:

The latest and the newest form which is being practiced and the west are getting wild about these days is “Tantric Sex”. Even Sex and The City also used Tantric Sex in some part of the movies so just let’s know what is tantric sex or what is “Tantra”. Tantra is the best possible use of the energy flowing in the universe in order to achieve our targets or whatever we want to attain. Similarly Tantric sex is the way of doing sex in such a manner where meditating is also the part of the whole intercourse. In order to achieve the best benefits from tantric sex it is very important to practise tantric yoga which helps in relieving all the stress and gathers all the energy and concentration required to have a better sexual experience. Tantric sex makes you closer with your spouse and it also helps in achieving prolonged orgasms and greater satisfaction level too. Tantric sex and tantric yoga not only gives sexual benefits but also help in developing a good bonding with your partner and treats sexual dysfunctions too. Moreover yoga helps in stretching various body parts thus developing flexibility in our body.

Various Positions:

Kama Sutra is an encyclopaedia which is full of all the knowledge related to all the sexual positions which you cannot even imagine or any other sex therapist could tell you. The positions are described in such a friendly manner and the way of explaining them with pictures and examples is excellent. You really feel connected and want to experiment with those positions like Swastika pose, Wheel barrow pose or standing position and many more.

Use of Nails and Teeth for fore play:

It tells you to use your nails and teeth which should be in proper hygienic condition to enhance the sexual pleasure. The teeth should be clean and even not rugged and the nails should be clean and not very sharp as it might hurt your partner.

Build the environment:

Just having intercourse is not the only thing for good sexual encounter. Proper mood should be set up too. The surroundings and the ambience should be such that it just sets your mood to start off. You can light some candles or spray some good aroma in the form of room freshener. You can also decide upon some activity where in both of you can get naked and enjoy each other’s flesh to the fullest like taking a shower or sit in the bath tub . Massaging with essential oils is also helpful in setting up the mood.

Kissing Techniques:

Kissing is very important part of intercourse so Kama sutra tells us about around 40 types of kisses which you can use while fore playing. Kisses like probing kiss, straight kiss, bent kiss, pressed kiss etc are different ways of kissing which will definitely ignite the passion between you and your partner.

Touch your Partner:

Touching is very important part of sex, try touching your partner in as many ways upon can think of. Just let loose your horses of imagination and do all the wild things you can with your partner by touching him or her. Caressing is the best way to excite your partner. Say some sweet naughty things in his ears and while proceeding towards intercourse always maintain an eye contact with his eyes and let the breathing go in a rhythmic way and in sync . All these things will definitely do wonders for you in the bed and you will enjoy the sexual intercourse to the maximum.

If you get time why not go through a few books related to Kama sutra like Kama Sutra Step-by-Step or 52 Weeks of amazing Sex and make your sex life better and intimate than ever.

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