Reasons Why Men Don’t Leave Their Wives For Another Women

Why Men Don't Leave Their WivesHave you heard about the situations where the men enjoy a part of their life with their girlfriends and still remain married throughout their life? It is quite common these days that the married men date with other women.

Most of the men do have ex-marital affairs to add some more spice to their sensual life. Inspite of these love affairs, men don’t leave their wife or divorce them. What can be the reason for that? Some real reasons why men don’t leave their wives for another women are mentioned below.

Real Reasons Why Men Don’t Leave Their Wives for Another Women

Most of the women always try to find out the reason why men don’t leave their wives, isn’t it? A wife brings happiness, money and gives blessed children to a man’s life.

Most of the wives are working women and hence they are source of income for the family. Is that the only reason why men don’t leave their wives for the ex-marital affairs? Let’s find out some more reasons about this behavior of men.

Fear of Divorce

A divorce can bring troubles to the life of the men. They might undergo shame game and might need to give money to their wives after divorce. Most of the men fear that they won’t get mutual divorce and hence they keep away from the thoughts of getting separated from their wives.

They enjoy their affairs with another women and thus keep their life going on. So, fear of divorce is one of the reasons why men don’t leave their wives for another women.

Responsibility of Children

The children are greatly affected after the separation of their parents. Due to this reason, the married couple compromise even when the man has love relationship with another woman. The wife of the man might know about her husband’s relationship with another woman, however, she is forced to compromise along with her husband for the sake of their children.

Responsibility of Children

Most of the times, the wives do not compromise, however, the husbands don’t leave them for another woman for the sake of the life of the children. The children might go astray, develop hatred for life and also get indulged in illicit matters of life after the separation of the parents. The husband who is less responsible for his wife can be completely responsible for his children. Thus, he avoids leaving his family for another woman.

Fun in Life

Many aged men date with younger woman for the sake of lust and additional spice in their sex life. These men have already crossed their age of leaving their wives; however, they find great fun in having intimacy with another women. There is no reason for them to leave their wife for another women because they do not wish to marry another women. Their intention of dating with another young lady is only for more fun in life.

Passion of Dating

The passion of dating and romance is still alive for some men. Even after marriage, they wish to date with another women to continue with their passion of dating. They might date with many women as per their passion and choice. Such men don’t leave their wife because for them their wife is precious as well as their passion of seeing other women.

Passion of Dating

These types of men are quite smart in handling all the love matters and keep it secret too. Their wife thinks that her man loves her and the man’s girlfriends believe that he is not interested in his wife. Thus, the man is the winner and he does not need to leave anyone for the sake of love and passion.

Mutual Separation

As per the laws, it is always good for the man to get a mutual divorce. Until his wife agrees to the mutual divorce, he waits and remains away from the thought of leaving his wife. His wife might know about his love affairs and she might first struggle to get back her husband.

When the husband remains adamant, she might agree to the mutual separation for the sake of her self-esteem. Thus, the man does not leave his wife; however, the wife takes all the steps of separation which makes things easier for the man.

Responsibility of Parents

Parents play a very important role in the life of married men and women. A man would never leave his wife because that will result in severe shock for his parents. Since he is aware of that, he still continues his love affairs with another woman, however, does not wish to divorce his wife for the same.

Responsibility of Parents

Parents are very important and respected and thus, a man continues with his affairs without leaving his wife and children. This keeps his parents happy and out of shame too.

Financial Issues

Many women earn very well and take most of the burdens of the family. The income generated by the wife is more as compared to that of the husband. In such cases, the man really fears to leave his wife for another woman. Though he might continue with his love life with his another friend or personal assistance, he remains smart enough to hide it from his wife.

Lust and thirst of money makes the man have a wife as well as an ex-marital affair too. These kinds of men are mostly found in the society these days. Their wives are busy earning for the family with their excellent posts of manager, lawyers and doctors, while, the man enjoys his part time with his secretary. You might have heard about this situation quite often, isn’t it?

Finally, these are the real reasons why men don’t leave their wives for another women. It is quite possible that the man loves another woman truly, however, he still has to continue his married life with his wife. Well, this is all the part of life. We cannot blame the men as well as the women for what is going on. All we can do is pray for the happy ending, isn’t it?

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