Quick Tips To Treat Indigestion In Summers

Quick Tips To Treat Indigestion in summersThe best mantra to beat the heat in summers is to change your eating habits. If you start neglecting your eating habits or the food we eat then it is a sure shot invitation for various diseases.

Generally homemade food is the best for health and body to avoid indigestion, but the fast catching fast food trend has decreased the liking towards the home made food. We never car5e to think how bad these fast foods are for our health, although they are very tasty to eat but the damage they do to our health is irreparable. Diseases attack very easily our body’s immunity system during summers, but if we keep a check on what to eat and what not we can always avoid these diseases like indigestion, vomiting, flu etc.

Food infection and food poisoning are very common and prevalent infections in summers. Both attack our body if we eat unhealthy or stale food, so the best way to save our body from food poisoning or infection is to avoid eating food outside. We know how quickly the home made food gets stale and develops bacteria due to excessive heat , so we do not know how old  and when the outside food was made. Avoiding eating out and eating fresh food is the best way to stay away from any kind of stomach infection. You can also follow some easy tips to keep your digestive system strong Eat salads and fruits cut at home only.

Do not buy and store fruits and vegetables in advance, try to get fresh fruits and vegetables? Drink as much liquids as you can during summers. You can drink lassi made form double toned milk or homemade lemonade. Do not drink mango shake or milk shakes again and again as it will add on the calories in your body. Eat juicy fruits like melon, water melon etc.

Cucumber is very beneficial to eat during summers, as it helps in increasing eth water content of our body. Younger generation has to move out of the house for studies and various activities so they should drink clean water always. If possible they should drink mineral water to keep their skin glowing and mind fresh while they are out. So if we keep a tab on our eating habits then we can keep both body and mind fit during summers and beat the heat. This way not even a single disease or infection will touch us and we will remain healthy.

Treat Indigestion

Eat as much as you want but be careful because it is your stomach and overeating might cause indigestion and you will be the person who will suffer no one else. Summers are generally associated with the problem of indigestion in many people. This is sometimes due to not eating anything or our digestive system becomes weak.

Good digestive system should have three features; firstly it should be able to digest food easily. Second it should be able to supply nutritional elements to our body and thirdly it should be efficient enough to throw away the toxins generated during digestion from our body. If our digestive system is able to do all these three things in correct way then it will keep our body fit and it also boosts the immunity system of your body.

Quick tips to improve digestion

Instead of eating stomach full 2-3 times in a day try and eat small portions 4-5 times in a day. This way our stomach will not have to work very hard to digest food. Concentrate on chewing the food as much as you can and eat slowly; never eat food in a hurry. Before gulping one morsel break it nicely with the help of your teeth. Before taking the next morsel of food stops for few seconds so that you can breathe and then start eating. Slow eating and proper chewing of food makes it easier for the stomach to digest the food.

Never ever skip your breakfast, rather you can eat breakfast like a king because it is the first meal of the day and you can easily digest it in the whole day. Take a fresh piece of ginger with water it helps on quick digestion. According to ayurveda cumin, Asafoetida, ajwain, dried and powdered ginger, dried and powdered coriander, fennel, mint, black pepper, cardamom, turmeric, dalchini, bay leaves are some special spices which make our digestive system strong.

They not only help in digestion but they help in cleaning the digestive system by removing bad gases and toxins from our digestive system. Nature has given as few natural digesters like cumin, asafoetida, Ajwain. Triphala, ginger and papaya, so try and induce any of them in your daily diet to help in digestion. They will make our digestive system strong and help in digesting the food easily.

Use such condiments which help in digestion like dried ginger, turmeric, cumin, dried coriander, ajwain etc. All these spices and condiments are added in different food preparations so that they help in digestion. Avoid drinking caffeine and carbonated drinks. If we drink cold drinks or water with food it is very bad for digestive system. Even if we drink water while eating it stops food from easy breakdown in the stomach.

SO it is advisable that we should drink water at least either 30 minutes before eating or 30 minutes after eating. Water dilutes the digestive enzymes produced by stomach while eating thus making them less effective for digestion. If we will drink water 30 minutes later of before eating the digestive enzymes will be able to break the food easily and effectively.

If you have to take any medicine for acidity try taking ayurvedic medicines like Eno easysure as they are easy and beneficial in reducing acidity in stomach. Always exercise regularly to keep your digestive system and body fit. Now you must have realised that how important it is to keep our body fit during summers and the key to it is to make our digestive system strong by following some easy tips.

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