Vaginal discharge
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In the modern world of today, we find more and more married couples rushing to doctors for infertility treatments. Pregnancy is a long awaited moment in every family. Couples try every possible medication and are ready to spend any amount of money on home tests to conform the news of pregnancy as early as possible. However, there were no such tests conducted in the earlier days when people used intuitive methods as vaginal discharge as interpretation of an early pregnancy symptom.

Cause of vaginal discharge being the early symptom

  • The amount of vaginal discharge increases in the earliest stages of pregnancy. If you are pregnant, you may say that the first sign is morning sickness followed by missed menstrual cycle. However, this alone is not the case. The vaginal discharge you see in your clothing could range in color from milky white to pinkish brown. It is caused by increase in your estrogen levels and more blood flow to your vagina.
  • It could look like you are spotting especially if you see vaginal discharge around the time your normal menstrual cycle would begin.
  • Not every woman experiences this type of discharge either, so not seeing it does not mean you are pregnant. You could very well be pregnant and have this particular sign of early pregnancy. The surest way to determine whether you are pregnant to see the doctor for a test.
  • The vaginal discharge is sometimes called a mucous plug because it blocks your cervical opening in order to protect your child from infections. As your pregnancy turns to labor, your body will expel the mucus plug because of your dilating cervix.

Foul smelling vaginal discharge

  • Yeast infection is a common problematic symptom of pregnancy. If the vaginal discharge is getting you a foul smell, is frothy, yellow, green or gray in color, it could be because of a type of vaginal infection called yeast infection. It is not necessary to suffer from itching, burning or irritation during this health problem.
  • A microscopic fungus of the Candida family, a bacterium that is normally found in the vagina, is responsible for yeast infection. It creates a problem when this bug overwhelms other micro-organisms by competing and growing very fast.
  • It is advisable to get proper treatment for yeast infection although it is not going to harm your baby’s development. Nevertheless, if the yeast infection is not treated totally before the delivery of the baby, the baby is likely to contract the infection when it passes through vagina. The best way to prevent yeast infection is to always keep the genital area clean and dry. Eating yogurt can help in restoring proper balance in the vagina.

Other pregnancy symptom similar to vaginal discharge

  • Cervical mucus cannot be considered as an early pregnancy symptom but that is an indication of pregnancy and at the later stage of pregnancy. Cervical mucus typically reflects the labor and cervical secretions fill the cervical canal and build a protective barrier that is medically known as the mucous plug.
  • The cervix expels its mucous discharge and starts to dilate as the woman approaches the ninth month of pregnancy. The mucous discharge might come out in the form of a lump or it could be simply appear as regular increased vaginal discharge.

Thus as long as the vaginal discharge you are experiencing has no odor and is not accompanied by burning or itching, it may be one of the first signs of early pregnancy. If the vaginal discharge you are experiencing is foul-smelling and itchy, you should see your gynecologist immediately. Your doctor will need to examine you because you could have a viral or a bacterial infection or a sexually transmitted disease that must be treated.

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i have a lot off discharge once a month every month. Is this normal? It is a m[@] amount it feels like it is rushing out off me. It does not smell at all. But it is quite embr[@]ing.
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