Teenage pregnancy
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As a primitive term, the definition of teen pregnancy can be quoted as a result of sexually active teenagers who had not being equipped with the knowledge of any sort of contraceptive device usage! The causes of teen pregnancy base on the decision that makes teens to be sexually active and this decision is associated with family values, compeers, and many other determinations such as the media. Nevertheless, once this decision has been made, the leading causative factors for teen pregnancy are lack of knowledge and lack of availability of contraceptive methods or techniques.

Current scenario in US of teen pregnancy

Statistics suggest us that the US has double the pace for the teenagers to have teen pregnancies as compared to any other industrial nation! Experts opine that the causes of teen pregnancy rates in the US versus other countries are not due to more teens enjoying sex, but it is due to fewer teens are being sexually educated. This is in turn as the programs being taught in the schools are not properly combine abstinence education with sex-prevention education. Equally important are the family discussions with parents or guardians of the teenagers. Even if abstinence is a important which is taught, the decision for becoming sexually active finally remains with the teenagers themselves. If no education is given regarding birth controlling methods, the obvious risk of pregnancy is too easy to realize if they do wrong decisions.

The results of such researches are also linked the issue to the availabilities of birth control methods. Teens might be semi-educated on the use of contraceptive devices or techniques, but when those are not readily available, they tend to go for unnecessary risks those might be avoided if they were easily available. That is not to suggest that any teenager provided with birth control as a free pass to get engaged in sex, but rather to discuss with them having great debate seeking their opinions, how the decisions they make finally affect their lives, and in end, also how to protect them from teen pregnancy and also STDs.

What next?

All the teenagers require encouragement for postponing the sexual involvement and information on preventing the pregnancy if they turn sexually active. But those components are not enough by themselves for making a significant impact on reducing the pregnant and parenting teenagers. The issues of adolescent pregnancy are very complex for simple remedies. The Children's Defense Fund underlines that young people require both; the motivation and the capacity for avoiding too-early pregnancy and parenting. In addition, young people do not fall under a homogenous group, so solutions are to be sensitive to individual and group variations.

The most successful programs are continued and comprehensive and they combine many strategies that focus to help kids succeed. Boys and girls who do great in school, participate in off the academic activities, and are sincere about their future are less likely to get teen pregnancy or bear a child in their teenage years. A huge range of interventions aimed at young people is also insufficient; nevertheless, if it is not addressed as the larger overriding issues of poverties, racisms and media messages that contribute to the complexity of such troubles, the things may remain as they are.

Preventing teen pregnancy - enlisting adults to help youth

In case you want to educate teenagers for teen pregnancy, it is important to enlist adults. Teenagers have the character and personal values by interacting with respected and empathic adults. Luckily, faith leaders themselves are ready to work directly with teenagers, but often they have so many responsibilities that they require help from others and in such case, you can certainly ask highly trusted and knowledgeable adults in assisting the important work with teenagers to prevent teenage pregnancy.

Cover all the needs teenagers have for their spiritual fulfillment and help them finding the answers to the dozens of challenging problems they face. It is during the teenage years that plenty of young people first battle with the enduring queries of human existence, and the importance and urgency of such questions can be very impacting to them. Many teenagers hunger for some framework of values and faith, which can assist them making the moral decisions and also managing the everyday troubles of living that can be very stressful in the transition years. They also want help to see beyond the present moments and luckily, there are many divine communities those are uniquely able for providing the spiritual guidance, which the teenagers might crave for.

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