Teen pregnancy statistics
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Teen pregnancy is a major issue to many people all across the globe. Many efforts are being made to educate youth about sexual activities and birth controlling methods. The tardily falling teen pregnancy cases in the western industrialized world have reflect that such efforts have been of some use, though the numbers are far from what we should have.

Even though the US is among the countries with having coming down the teen pregnancy rate, it still has far and away from the highest rate of teen pregnancies throughout the western industrialized world.

Let us talk from the new millennium. In the year of 2000, the total number of teen pregnancy in the US was about 821,811 (83 pregnancies on every 1,000 people). As compared to Canada whose total rate of teen pregnancy for the same year was around 38,602 (36 pregnancies on every 1,000 people). Many other western industrialized countries like Sweden and France have even lower teen pregnancies’ rates as compared to Canada. When compared to other countries in the world, it is quite easy to learn why the United States is believed to have quite a serious problem when it is all about the teen pregnancy.

In the US, surprisingly, teen pregnancy statistics say that the age groups of 18 - 19 year-old girls have the highest rate of pregnancy that is followed by the groups of 15 - 17 year-old aging girls. Nevertheless, 15 – 17 year-old pregnancy rates have dropped in as much as 23 percent between the year of 1992 and 2000, while the rate for 18 to 19 year-old only got dropped in by 11 percent.

Teen pregnancy is looked at to be the cause of many troubles and teen mothers are more probable to not finish the high schooling or college. In addition, it is figured that as much as 80 per cent of unwed teen mothers end up welfare and compared to 25 yr ago, pregnant teens were also far less likely get hitched with.

A child that is born to a teenage mother is also considered to be at disadvantage in human societies. Newborns of teen mothers are susceptible to birth with a low birth weight. As they get older, they are more susceptible to score poor in school and have higher chances of experiencing abuses and negligence. It has been discovered that sons of teenage mothers are more susceptible to wind up in prisons. Daughters of teen mothers have increased risks to experience a teenage pregnancy themselves or they are the victims of rapes.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey, Statistics of teen sexual activities i.e. teen pregnancy statistics show following figures –

  • In the year of 2005, 47 percent of high school students (grading 9 to 12) described ever having had sexual activities, down from 54 percent in the year of 1991.
  • Overall, boys’ high school students (48 percent) were more likely as compared to girls’ students (46 percent) to have had sexual activities.
  • In the year of 2005, black high school students were more susceptible as compared to the Hispanic and white pupils to have ever had sexual activities — 63 per cent of black student, 51 percent of Hispanic, and 43 percent of white guys.
  • Approximately 14 percent of high school students report four or more sexual partners in the year of 2005, the same percent and ratio as 2003 and 2001.

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that is ridiculous. how can you say that just because the babies parent was a teenager when they were born it means they\'re gonna go to prison or be raped? how does that even make sense?! the parents have nothing to do with the childs choices later on in life. if a male born to a teenage girl goes to prison, it\'s his fault. not his mother. yes, i will admit teenagers are generally less equiped to handle a child than an adult. but no one is ever ready to be a parent. there\'s no such thing as a perfect mother or father. there\'s no perfect way to raise your kid. you can only do the best you can, and if your daughter or son puts themselves in harmful situations, it\'s their fault; not yours.
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