Sex during pregnancy
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It is common for the couples to become curious; whether sex during pregnancy is safe or not; when they discover that the female partner is pregnant. Unless the health care provider recommends the woman otherwise, sex during pregnancy is quite safe for both the woman and for her infant. The amniotic fluid in the womb protects the unborn, by the abdomen, and by the mucus plug that seals woman’s cervix and helps guarding against infections.

When is sex during pregnancy not advisable?

Sex during pregnancy is safe unless the health care provider has pointed that the pregnant woman has a high risks of pregnancy. Though, there are few reasons for avoiding the sex during pregnancy, there are some situations when the health care provider might indicate that sex is to be avoided. Such conditions include:

  • If the pregnant woman has placenta previa, or a very low-located placenta
  • If the pregnant woman has an incompetent cervix or if it is dilated
  • If the pregnant woman or her partner has a sexually transmitted disease
  • Any history of premature birth or labor
  • Any history of miscarriage
  • In case, the water has broken
  • If the pregnant woman experiences unexplained vaginal bleedings or discharges

What changes are noticed with sexual activities during pregnancy?

Sexual activities might not have to change during pregnancies; nevertheless, due to the different changes that occur in woman’s body, she might want to make some changes for making things more comfortable. Here is the list of something to take care about…

Debilitation, hormonal alterations, tender breasts and self-consciousness about gaining the body weight can bring one’s sexual drive to a halt. Sometimes the woman might need rest to regain energy - give herself a break.

The common missionary position might become uncomfortable and justify considering other positions like side-by-side or with the woman on top. As the breasts increase in sizes and shapes, they might become more painful or sore. In this, the woman should encourage her partner to explore other parts of the body and finding other ways to caress her. With these changes in the breast it is best avoiding direct nipple stimulations.

There is increased flow of the blood in the pelvic area, which can lead to engorgement of the genitals and deepen the sensation; nevertheless, for some women this might be uneasier. Unless the health care provider advises the woman otherwise, she and her partner must be able to enjoy sex during the pregnancy. The woman should pay attention to her body and make adjustments so that one can enjoy the sex to its fullest.

About sex during pregnancy, many expecting mother have question that can sex harm her baby? No, not exactly as the baby is fully protected by the amniotic sac, which is a thin-walled bag holding the fetus and surrounding fluids and the powerful muscles of the uterus. There is also a thick mucus plug, which seals the cervix and helps guarding against various infections. The penis cannot come into contact with the unborn baby during the sexual act.

All in all, most (but not all) of the pregnant women can experience less sexual desire as their pregnancies progress. This is quite normal, and in most of the cases, sexual desire will return to normal some time after the delivery. Other women can feel no change in sex drive or even an increased desire of sex during pregnancy. This, too, is quite acceptable and healthy. Men might also experience changes in libido for the entire period of his partner’s pregnancy. This might include increased arousal because of the physical changes that occur in his partner, or fear and anxiety that he might harm the baby and his fatherhood would be at risk.

Whatever the changes come, it is essential for a couple of being overt to openly discuss sexual matters for the entire period of pregnancy. Too much physical changes may mean that something pleasurable and comfortable one week is awful the next. If the sexual desire drastically falls, couples might be able exploring some other options for non-sexual intimacy, such as cuddling or sensual massage.

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