Pregnancy week six
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During pregnancy week six, an infant is starting to appear more and more like a little organic (even though not a human!). Dark spots must have been formed whereas the eyes and nostrils will gradually take their shapes. There must also be small pits on either side of the head, the place where ears are going to be formed. There are tiny buds that will form giving shape the arms and legs at roughly 6th week of pregnancy. For several weeks, the hands and feet would be connected by some layers of webbing between the fingers and toes.

The infant inside will start giving responses to sensory inputs and begin moving all on its own in coming or next few week. At 6th week of pregnancy, the heart must now be beating at the rate of 100 to 140 beats a minute. Simultaneously, blood starts circulating throughout the infant's body. A health care provider might be able to see the beating of the heartbeats during pregnancy week six using some techniques such as ultrasound, although it might still be some weeks before the heartbeats are detectable by a Doppler device.

It is amazing to learn that the infant would actually be able to show the reflexes in responses of touching even by pregnancy 6th week. This is due to the central nervous system that is already growing and connecting the muscles in the body with the extremities. One will learn even more amazing facts as she follows her pregnancy week by week.

The mother might start having some weight gain by pregnancy week six. Most of the pregnant women generally gains about 5 lbs during the whole first trimester, although some may gain more. Some women won’t gain any weighs during the first trimester since they are so nauseous due to morning sicknesses. In fact it is quite common to lose some weight during the 1st trimester. Mother’s waist starts becoming thicker, particularly if this is not her first delivery. The uterus will also get changed in sizes now and throughout the pregnancy. Spotting might or might not occur in the early weeks of pregnancy but it is generally nothing to worry about, nevertheless the woman should always call her health care provider to report any strange bleedings, as it might be a sign of impending abortion or some other serious issues.

Hyperemesis gravidarum, a common problem during pregnancy week six might be required treating in hospitals because women affected by this might experience dehydration, electrolyte insufficiencies and higher weight loss as compared to normal. The common symptom includes rapid weight loss, a faster heartbeats, debility and frequent vomiting. The exact reason for this condition is not known, though some studies say that younger parental age, overweight and first time pregnancy are all possible risk factors to give rise to the condition.

Typically hospitalization becomes necessary to help restoring fluids that the mother has been losing in vomiting and help replacing electrolytes during pregnancy week six. A doctor might also have to provide hyper-alimentation by IV fluids for a limited period. He may also advise additional nutritional or vitamin supplements after the hospitalization to ensuring that the patient is able to storing up adequate amounts of nutrients for the infant.

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