Pregnancy week 33
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At the period of 33rd week of your pregnancy and there after each week the whole concentration of your baby will be on gaining the weight. The level of an amniotic fluid may be at the highest point. Now the brain of your baby becomes busy for its rapid growth; this increases the size of the head of your baby by near about 3/8 of one inch. The skin of your baby starts to change from the red color to the pink color as now the accumulation of fats has begun beneath the surface of the baby’s skin.

By this week of your pregnancy your uterus is now five inches above your belly button. At this time you must have gained the weight of up to twenty-eight pounds, many of the women may have gained more than this. Here at this period or at this point in pregnancy many of the women might have find that they have gained the weight more fast than at any other time of her pregnancy. This partly happens because your baby is growing rapidly here than any other time. In many cases it is seen that the babies puts on the weight of near about five to nine ounces per every week.

By the period of pregnancy week 33 you must be probably feeling the giddiness due to the excitement of the thought of the delivery of your baby. Be patient, still you have to go few more weeks. Now at this point you may have considered for pre-registration at the hospital. This Pre-registration may help you to increase the speed up of the process of admitting once you start on your way for the delivery. You must not think of much paper work once you are thrown into the pain of labor.

Here at this period of your pregnancy it may happen that you may experience the edema or the swelling of the leg or all over the body as you will continue your pregnancy. If you are living in the hot climate and running through the period of third trimester of your pregnancy that too during the season of summer then this symptom is seen more. If you want to get rid of this condition of edema or swelling then you must try to take rest on your left side as much as possible.

During pregnancy week 33, in many cases it is seen that the women are experiencing the pain, the sensation of the numbness and tingling in the fingers and wrist joint. It is very common for the tissues those are supporting your hands and wrist joint to get inflamed, this can cause a condition that may resemble like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The Carpal Tunnel is defined as the bony structure in the wrist joint. When the tissues lining get inflamed, then the nerves those are running through it get pinched.

If the work in a job you do asks for the frequent typing, your physician may suggest wearing a brace to help relieving some of the pain and pinching during pregnancy week 33. You should also take regular halts to help reducing the discomfort in the hand and wrist joint.

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