Pregnancy tests
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There are mainly two types of pregnancy tests. In first, the test checks the blood for the pregnancy hormone called as hCG. The other will check the urine for the same hormone. A pregnant woman can do a urine test at home using a home pregnancy kit but she needs to see a doctor to get blood tests done. Regulated by the FDA – Food and Drug Administration, pregnancy tests have come far as the early to mid-1900s when frogs, mice and rabbits were used in testing. Now, OTC (over-the-counter) home pregnancy kit provides privacy and quick results, and can detect pregnancy as soon as six days after woman being conceived, or one day after a missed menses. This will give an early advantage for much required prenatal care.

During such days, most women first use home pregnancy kits (HPK or HPT as test) to find out if they have successfully conceived. HPTs are not so expensive, secret, and simple to follow. Urine tests are made to inform the woman if she is pregnant about 2 weeks after the ovulation. There are many special sensitive urine tests that claim that they can detect pregnancy even if the woman is pregnant as early as just one day after a missing their menstrual cycle.

If a HPT confirms that the woman is pregnant, she should call her gynecologist earliest possible. In general, an obstetrician might use a more sensitive test but also perform the pelvic examination to be sure that the woman is pregnant. There are many examination techniques that ask doctor’s palpation over the abdomen. Seeing an obstetrician early in the pregnancy helps expecting mother and her baby to remain healthier. Pathologists use two types of blood tests to detect the pregnancy. Blood tests can trace up hCG very early in a pregnancy than that of the urine tests do as blood tests can detect the pregnancy about six to eight days after the ovulation or release of an ovum from ovaries.

Another test is a quantitative blood test (also known as the beta hCG test) amounts the exact quantity of hCG in the woman’s blood. So, it can detect even very minute amounts of hCG and therefore, this makes it very precise. Qualitative hCG blood tests just detect if that particular hormone is present or not and hence, the result it shows is either yes or no. The qualitative hCG blood test is about as perfect as a urine test. You may come across many home pregnancy tests (HPTs) those claim to be 99% accurate but researches reveal that most of such kits do not consistently spot pregnancy so early. And in case, they do, the results are generally so faint they are misleading. If the woman can wait one week after her missed menses, most of the home pregnancy tests can get her an accurate answer.

The pregnant woman can ask her obstetrician for a more sensitive test if she needs to know the result much earlier than the normal. Most medicines, OTC (over-the-counter) and prescription, including birth control pill and antibiotic, do not affect the results of any home pregnancy tests. Only medicines those have the pregnancy hormone hCG in them might give test with false positive result. A false positive is when a test declares that the woman is pregnant when actually she is not.

Any of the expecting women can actually take a home pregnancy test before they have a missed menstrual cycle. Typically, eleven to twelve days after the ovulation or conception, a home pregnancy test must be read as positive. So if the woman anticipates her period two weeks from when she conceived, and it's twelve days and she does not anticipate the menses for two more days, she can still go for a home pregnancy kit, and it would get you a positive result. A pregnancy test at the clinic or healthcare center is simply a blood test, which detects the same hormone that is trying to be observed in a home urine test. It is simply attending to be a quantitative value, rather than that of a qualitative, meaning it is going to be a number. So hCG is noted as a number in your blood i.e. it registers as a numeric. A simple urine pregnancy test is just going to show either positive or negative mark, whereas the blood test at the clinic or pathology center will be a quantitative value in numbers.

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