Pregnancy test
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To become pregnant is every lady’s dream. Many of them think that without being mother, they are not the complete women! Why not, after all, when you have a baby, the things change, the life change, and the attitude change and in short, the entire world changes! But then, how to know that you are pregnant and there is nothing other than the pregnancy. Your curiosity is quite considerable and here is the information you might be looking for.

There are two types of pregnancy tests; the first on is the tests of the blood to detect the pregnancy hormone known as hCG. The other will check the urine for the same hormone. An expecting lady can do a urine test at home with a home pregnancy test whereas; she needs to see a doctor to get blood tests done to confirm the pregnancy.

Nowadays, in the present world, most of the women first use home pregnancy tests (HPT) for finding out if they are pregnant. HPTs are cheaper, private, and easy for using. Urine tests will be able to tell if a woman is pregnant about 2 wk after ovulation. There are some more sensitive urine tests claiming that they can inform if the woman is pregnant as early as one day after missing her first period.

If a HPT labels that the woman is pregnant, she should call your doctor without delay. A doctor can use a more sensitive test including a pelvic examination to make it sure that the woman is pregnant. Seeing a doctor early for the pregnancy help the woman and her baby stay healthy.

Health experts use two types of blood tests for checking the pregnancy. Blood tests can detect hCG earlier in a pregnancy as compared to the urine tests. Blood tests can indicate if the woman is pregnant about 6-8 days after she ovulates (or release an ovum from an ovary). A quantitative blood test (medically known as the beta hCG test) detects the exact amount of hCG in the mother’s blood. So it can find even little amounts of hCG and this makes the test very accurate. Qualitative hCG blood test is for checking if the pregnancy hormone is present or not and hence, it gives only two answers; yes or no!

The most popular HPTs work in a same way and majority of them ask the user for holding a stick in the urine stream. Others include collecting urine into a cup and then to dip the stick into it. However, some brands confirm that the women have collect urine in a cup and then put some drops into a special container with the provided dropper. The expecting woman should test the urine as first thing in the morning as it can help boosting the accuracy. After putting the drop onto the strip is the main procedure. Then the woman requires waiting for a few minutes but different brands will inform the woman to wait different amount of time. Once the time has come, the user needs inspect the "result window." If one line or plus symbol appears, the woman is pregnant. It does not matter how clear the line is; a line, whether bold or blur means that result is positive.

There are many tests that have something called as control indicator as the result window. This line or symbol reflects whether the test is working or not; if this indicator is not appearing, the test may not work properly. You should not rely on the results from such HPT as it might be faulty.

Most of the manufactures advise users to repeat the test in a few more days, it does not matter what were the results. One negative result (particularly soon after missing one period) does not always mean that the woman is not pregnant. All HPTs come with useful instructions and most tests also have toll-free phone numbers for calling in case, of queries about use or results. Whatever the pregnancy tests you use, it is better to go to a doctor and get the ultrasound done after some weeks. This will reveal what kind of problem/growth you have in your abdomen.

In short, pregnancy test is the test to check your motherhood. If it is positive, enjoy it, if it is negative, better to try next time!

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