Pregnancy sex
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First, the pregnant women tend to still view pregnancy as a medical happening! And pregnant woman as extremely fragile object! While there might be health problems and complications with the pregnancies that make certain kinds of sex troublesome, for the most part there is no requirement to treat sex during pregnancy with anything other than good sense and no reason treating any healthy pregnant women as if they were weak or ill.

The pregnancy sex practices i.e. sex during pregnancy depends on many factors such as:

  • Pregnant woman’s previous beliefs about sex
  • Pregnant woman’s partner's previous beliefs
  • Physical aspects of pregnant woman’s gestational period
  • Emotional aspects of the pregnancy

There are several reasons why sex during pregnancy can be considered to be more enjoyable, even if the woman is doing it less. There is an increase in vaginal lubrications, engorgement of the genital areas helping some people becoming orgasmic for the first time or multi-orgasmic. Another things that further include is the lack of birth control, or if the woman has been trying for a while, a return to sexual activities as pleasure as opposed to procreation, and many reasons. On the other hand, there are reasons why sexual activities are not as pleasurable because of many factors such as fear of hurting the infant inside, nausea, tiredness, awkwardness, etc.

Although there might be a valid reason, doing research and talking to the partner and practitioner often helps the pregnant woman clarifying what is really not appropriate during pregnancy, particularly for her. Change is rampant during pregnancy both; in pregnant woman’s body and her beliefs. While woman feels large and uncomfortable, man generally finds the pregnant body very erotic and worthy. Talking about the differences and attitudes towards the body and sexualities would help pregnant woman to know the situation better.

She should make sure that the discussion of the feelings that she has about sex and sexuality is clear. Such discussions might lead to a more fulfilling sexual life. If either of the couple does not feel like having sex, this could be particularly essential issue. Explaining to the partner what is going on and what he can try to help you making more sexual. For instance: more cuddling, relaxing showers, romantic dinners, sensual massage, two-way masturbation, whatever the pregnant woman and her partner agree upon is exactly what she needs.

The hormonal alterations of pregnancy also play a crucial role in the reactions to make love, as do the trimesters. Many pregnant women are too exhausted and nauseated to be very interested during the 1st trimester, while the 2nd trimester will bring a new sense of delight as her abdomen expands and again later in the 3rd trimester the desire might wane as well.

Some position for pregnancy sex

The edge of the bed sex position will offer many possibilities having greater comfort during pregnancy sex. The pregnant woman can lie on the bed (on her side, or briefly on her back) at the edge of the bed and her partner is to be off the bed, either on their knees or stand up position. Combined with the rear entry position, the woman can be off the bed on her knees (preferably having pillow underneath them) and rest her upper torso on the bed, with her pregnant portion (abdomen) off the bed.

There is no harm to have pregnancy sex right up to the time of labor unless the woman has experienced bleeding, is at risk for premature rupture of the membrane or has any undiagnosed leaking of fluids. There are examples when the male partner had a history or active case of a sexually transmitted disease, such as herpes, wherein intercourse is not advisable. Well, we know that there are wide variances in who is performing it and when, the big question is how? The creativity should be the keyword during pregnancy sex or more rudely put whatever that makes happy! There are many positions those are more comfortable as one expands such as

  • Pregnant woman on the top
  • Spooning (Man backside of woman, the rear entry)
  • Hands and Knees
  • Side-by-side, knee pulled up

What are men think about pregnancy sex? Most of them are pleasantly surprised. A study in the February, 2001 issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology refutes the assumption that sexual activities during late pregnancy (29 to 36 wk of the gestation) can increase a woman's risk of having preterm deliveries. In fact, the researchers discovered that intercourse, as well as orgasm, during late pregnancy was linked with reduced risks of preterm deliveries.

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researchers discovered that intercourse, as well as orgasm, during late pregnancy was linked with reduced risks of preterm deliveries. Can you explain more?
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bcaz im pregent wnt to knw about it
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