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Pregnancy is the period that any women in the world would enjoy the most. Though painful, troublesome and risky, planned pregnancy, in woman’s life, brings nothing but joys and happiness. Whether it is woman’s first child or she had been pregnant a few years back; there are about forty weeks of anticipation before the newborn arrives. For some of the pregnant woman, the exciting pregnancy countdown starts once the pregnancy test declares positive but for others, who have been trying since some months, may want to look at using a fertility monitor for some help. Pregnancy is a very emotional experience and the pregnant woman may probably find that other people, healthcare providers and midwives, as well as family and friends, focus much on the physical aspects of woman’s pregnancy.

Again, it comes to that they are concerned about the pregnant woman’s physical changes and how that baby grows. This is nothing but the observation of physical appearance that carries lots of importance as the pregnancy progress. But then, what can you do for this enthusiasm and what to do to keep these golden memories? Yes, pregnancy photos can be very useful storing such memories that can be enjoyed in any part of later life.

Here are few pregnancy photos’ tips one should follow in order to get complete picture of pregnancy from the day one to happy ending!

One should take first snap of course the day she found that she is pregnant! There are lots of women who go for the actual pregnancy test but then, why not take a picture of it and that can get into the pregnancy album later on. The next pregnancy photo will be if you have children. Take a picture of the reaction they gave to this great news that later they can be embarrassed!

The third in pregnancy photos would be the picture of the surprised father! This will be followed a photo by hubby taking a picture of his wife calling her family and friends. If the pregnant woman is having a dinner party for announcing the exciting news, be sure to take a snap that night. Next pregnancy photos would be getting a picture of a pregnant woman in front of the doctor's office on her first visit and if possible, getting one with a doctor is also not a bad idea!

The next in pregnancy photos would be the time snapping the happiest moment when the pregnant woman hears the heartbeat for the first time; this is indeed a great moment to capture! That is the best moment for a mother to be she can enjoy in later life. The next pregnancy snap will come as the time for some mug shot! Get a nice front snap of pregnant woman and then turn to her side for a profile photo this is to be done every month as her pregnancy progresses, it is quite easy to do.

Now it is the time to take pregnancy photos that come to an end of the procedure. The next photo will be requesting someone who can take some photos of the pregnant woman and her husband. Getting some nice shots of the husband with his head on the abdomen...putting the music to the uterus.... kissing the baby from outside.... the list can go on and on; they are indeed sweetest memories for both; mother and father. Repeat the photos but then include the children if any.

Taking next pregnancy photo is of the older children if they have made something for the baby and one should take pictures of them with their proud on their face. Next pregnancy photo of the healthcare provider measuring the abdomen! This is absolutely great as your baby is measured with the tape and so the growth. You can also add ultrasound and finally, take a snap when you are taken to the hospital for the delivery. Well, here, you can capture those painful moments of the labor and then the happiest moments when you receive your cutie pie and when you breastfeed him/her for the first time.

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is it possible to get pregnant while having your tube cut. after 10 n half yrs.
#1 - matty - 06/22/2009 - 18:18
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