Early signs of pregnancy
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Pregnancy is indeed a crucial time for the mother-to-be. In medical jargon, it is the result of procedure when the ovum (female egg) has been successfully fertilized by the sperm and life of zygote has begun inside the uterus of the woman.

Emotionally, if the woman has been trying to conceive since quite a considerable period, she really feels stressed out recording the ovulation chart and measuring the basal temperature. In this feature, it is important to discuss the early signs of pregnancy that can put the woman on alert for visit to an obstetrician to check whether this is actually the case.

A comprehensive list of early signs of pregnancy

The symptoms have been compiled as follows:

Implantation bleeding :

Many times woman experiences light to heavy spotting or vaginal bleeding around 12 days after being conceived. This is when the fertilized ovum burrows into the linings of the blood vessels in the uterus, breaking them and this possibly leads to some spotting and maybe some cramping those are similar to menstrual cramps.

Missed menses :

This is considered as one of the early signs of pregnancy; in fact, pregnancy tests basically ask that you have missed menses. But many women have irregular menses and might notice when they are late. Moreover, the period might be missed because of a separate string of factors such as illness, distress, birth control pills and sudden gain or loss of weight.

Faintness and dizziness :

This is due to when early time in pregnancy, the blood vessels get dilated and the blood pressure will drop. The best way is not to stand for a longer period, take small snacks and fresh natural fruit of the seasons. Consuming a lot of water to keep the skin hydrated etc.

Fatigue :

Fatigue is also an early sign of pregnancy and this is due to increased levels of progesterone hormone also causing sleepiness. Also, the lowering of blood pressure, increased blood production and lower blood glucose levels during early pregnancy period can give rise to fatigue.

Craving for food :

During early pregnancy, the pregnant woman craves for certain kinds of foods. She might also develop a strong dislike for some of the foods she used to love before such as spicy foods, coffee, meat etc. Such craving or aversion to food is attributed to hormonal changes in pregnant woman.

Mood swings :

Frequent mood swings can be due to sudden rush of hormones in the body and can be ranked as few of the early signs of pregnancy. Expecting mother will feel highly emotional, sensitive and vulnerable during this period.

Headache :

During early pregnancy, the hormonal changes and increased blood circulation might cause mild headaches.

Constipation :

It is a common and an early sign of pregnancy. Food will pass more slowly through the intestines because of the increased levels of progesterone leading to constipation.

Bloating of abdomen :

If one experiences bloating and miss a period, it is an early sign of pregnancy. There, the clothes may feel tighter at the waistline.

Sensitive and swollen breasts :

Due to the hormonal changes, they become more sensitive, fuller and heavier and the changes are easily noticeable.

Nausea :

It might begin as early as two weeks after conception and manifests as morning sickness often. It can also lead to vomiting at any time.

Frequent micturation :

This will happen when the uterus begins to expand applying pressure to the urinary bladder. Also, the amount of blood and fluids in the body that gets increased to nurture the unborn, cause the kidney to process more fluid and produce more urine.

Raised basal body temperature :

You shall notice an increase if you are pregnant.

Therefore, a thorough knowledge of the early signs of pregnancy can put the woman on alert striking an appointment with the obstetrician to start blood tests for final confirmation and setting on a regime of pre-natal care such as folic acid and multivitamin supplements.

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