Pregnancy chart
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The pregnancy chart is the chart that is concerned about pregnancy. Whether it is pregnancy chart that includes the weekly or monthly growth or it is the one that shows what sort of nutrition pregnant woman needs to take. Such charts are full of information and they need to be followed strictly in order to end up with happy pregnancy.

The weight pregnancy chart is a chart that scrutinizes excess gain during pregnancy and such weight gain pregnancy chart is developed based on sufficiency of maternal weight in face of height. This is indicated by a particular table for average frame size of woman. Some of the pregnancy chart used in research of pregnancy contains a monogram, along with the chart, which is used to determine percent values of "standard mass" at various gestational periods. The chart gets up a worthy mass near term and based on that, the growth and wellbeing of the pregnant woman has been evaluated.

Another famous pregnancy chart is a Chinese pregnancy chart. This is a chart that enables a couple to choose their progeny’s gender. The chart has columns. One has to carefully calculate what exactly they are looking for. The chart has months and genders arranged in a particular fashion that one needs to meet. For instance, in the month of October, if a couple wants baby boy or baby girl, then they need to checkout for the day that shows B or G (boy and for girl respectively) in the month of October.

On the other hand, most of the times, pregnancy chart is nothing but the Weight Gain Chart that is given by an obstetrician to pregnant woman in order to keep the pregnancy array better. Such pregnancy chart also teaches what is an ideal weight gain and how is it distributed.

A sample of average breakdown that is gained during this time is as follows:

Baby: 5-7 lb

Placenta: 1.5 lb

Amniotic and Other Fluids: 6 lb

Increased Blood Volume: 4 lbs

Uterus: 2 lb

Breasts: 2 lbs

Fat Stores: 7 lb

Total: 15-35 lb

However, healthy weight gain during pregnancy is quite uncertain since it all depends upon the built of the mother and her genes. There is no standard mass that will work for all women. Nevertheless, as per the chart, the healthy put on is something between 15-35 pounds (7-16 kg). How much exactly the pregnant woman needs to gain during the nine-month phase is based on not one, but many factors.

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