Pregnancy belly
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Yes, there is no escaping now and top of that; there is no way of hiding this. The belly is proclaiming to all around you indicating that you are very much pregnant! So apart from being the living quarters of the growing infant, and a vehicle to advertise the upcoming birth event, what other utility does the pregnant belly has? As the pregnant woman goes through late trimester 2 and trimester 3, the growing belly would be of great interest to the medical supporting team.

At each visit the pregnant woman will have the bump measured checking that the appropriate growth has been reached for the period since that was last evaluated. This measurement is very essential as it tells any potential growth problems soon and an ultrasound test might be used for further checking the situation that it should not miss any thing.

Sometimes it appears for pregnant woman that her belly is growing before her eyes, or, on the contrary, it is almost no noticeable. Let us read experts’ remarks on this query. They say that it all depends upon the situation and the condition of the pregnant woman.

Which factor sizes of belly during pregnancy depend upon? The height of belly, i.e. height of uterus generally corresponds to the term of gestational period. For instance, on 32nd wk of pregnancy it is around 32-33 cm.

And volume of belly depends upon a woman's individual peculiarities as sometimes anatomic structure will affect it: miniature woman with slim pelvis has a bigger belly as compared to the tall woman with full thighs has. But most of all growth of belly is linked with pregnant women's general weight gaining. This is the factor that pregnant women must always pay attention to.

On a more specified note, a pregnant belly is something that once hidden as not likeable, is now considered to be a thing of beauty and proud. The obligatory belly picture taken on a basic camera, shared with close buddies and then hidden has now developed to an art form where pregnant woman employs professional photographers taking a studio type picture of them for recording the pregnancy. These pictures capture the serenity of the women as they gently hold their pregnant bellies, thinking of the baby within. Pregnancy pictures are such big business at the moment that there are plenty of professional photographers actually focusing some of the advertising revenues at the market!

A more personal and arty access to record a pregnant women's belly is to make a plaster cast of it. Once it is finished, it can be painted, beautified, or just left as it is, and put in the home as a statue or wall hanging - a 3-D reminder of the bump to observe at in awe once the newborn is brought into this happy world. A pregnant woman’s belly is not only large, it is also tactual and it always appears to be open season for those who believe touching one is good luck - so if you are pregnant, and you wish to keep your personal space private - be sure that the belly is well covered and out of reach of any person who might think giving it a little rub!

The belly must be full grown and if it is not so, it may have some problem with unborn child. Insufficient weight gain can often lead to defect of fetus development, giving birth to a very small infant, premature birth, and sometimes even to death of an infant (stillbirth). Pregnant woman should follow certain tips and precautions in order to end up with happy pregnancy. American scientists noticed that women with optimistic views on life give birth to infants of small weight less often. Experts explain that optimist woman takes care of their health better and does exercises regularly and eats well.

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