Pregnancy announcements
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Congratulations! You have successfully conceived and you are now pregnant. This must be a time of great joy and equally so happiest moment for you. You are about to go through the most enjoyable and exciting time in a woman's life at the end of what you will be gifted with a new baby to love and to care.

As with all happy junctures, the most natural instinct is telling everyone around you and sharing your happiness. But be cautions that you need to be careful in how you declare the pregnancy i.e. pregnancy announcement is to be in a particular way. It is equally important that in what order you do that. A pregnancy is not only a joyful time; it is a time of great adaptation and requirement. You would need the help of the closest to you to see you throughout the pregnancy as well as one can.

The style and trend in custom cards is similar to that of the birth announcements. Modern designs, cuter images of baby items or a pregnant mom lineation are quite popular. Stork announcements are also not a bad thought. If the cards are sent after the parents learn about the gender of the baby, printable pregnancy announcements might be geared for a boy or girl accordingly and appropriately.

If parents can understand the nursery room theme or colors, the announcement might give the recipient a sneak peak of the nurseries. This kind of personalization is wonderful for the mother-to-be that has plenty of out of town friends and relations.

Therefore, it is imperative that the pregnant woman displays to her closest friends and to her family how much she truly appreciates them by making sure they are the first to learn about her pregnancy. She needs to prioritize the people she knows into a few groups. She should notify every group in order of importance to her and also select some different form of pregnancy announcements. Here is an example:-

1. The family -

The family must come first and expecting woman should have to do this in person. Mothers and sisters are particularly sensitive to such issues. If the mother, for instance, comes to know about the pregnancy from someone else, expect a dispute and great quarrel! The expecting mother might also include in some group friends who are like families. She should make sure to tell her family and her partner's family at about the same day/hour.

2. Buddies –

The pregnant woman must tell her friends only after telling her family because friends might spill the beans very soon and the family might hear about the pregnancy before she tells them. She can do this by a simple phone call or in person. However, it is to be made sure that she also tells to her boss and work colleagues at about this time.

3. Acquaintances –

Pregnancy announcements to her various acquaintances come at last. The expecting mother does not need to go in person and meet every individual. A mass announcement can be done. However, she should be ready to give a treat for the same!

Here are some other ways as pregnancy announcement that can be done especially to your hubby.

-make a poem about the baby, and mail it to your spouse

-dinner that consists of baby items, baby peas, carrots, etc. so it gives him a hint!

- simply, give him a warm hug with passionate smooch and then declare about your pregnancy. This works most of the time!

-Buy some baby outfits (white or neutral colors) or just baby shoes or socks, and let him understand when he sees in your bedroom.

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