Male pregnancy
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Men have long been hypothesized with pregnancy and the ability for reproducing sans female. There are many amazing and interesting stories regarding male pregnancy. Such as Zeus, the father of the Greek gods had given birth to a daughter with the help of a blacksmith. Loki, the shape shifter of Norse mythology, bore a child after a stallion debauched him and who can forget that more recently, in the movie Junior (1994), Arnold Schwarzeneggerbecame pregnant from an defenseless alien encounter.

In the recent news, another expert who masters sex change surgery, Dr. Chen Huanran was also looking for a few good men to get pregnant! He is Beijing based doctor and one of China 's most-prominent sex change surgeons. He proclaims that he has developed the technology to impregnate men, and now he supposed to use this technique helping his transsexual patients having children of their own. If successful, that would be the first time ever that a male human will conceive, with again, the possible exception of Arnold Schwarzenegger movie "Junior."

Dr. Chen, who serves his duty at the Plastic Surgery Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, revealed that he has already found four men for the experiment and an Internet discussion of the "male mother" project has caused plentiful of men across the country for volunteering for swollen ankles, morning sicknesses and the many other experience of being pregnant.

They want to help the transsexuals they operate on to realize the basic rights of delivering a baby as stated by Dr. Chen once upon a time. The doctor said that he has planned to start the program very soon, but it is still ill defined what government departments he will need to get permission from before beginning his amazing project.

A Caesarian section will be required in order that frees the man’s little bundle of joy from the limits of his abdominal cavity and this operation will be very dangerous for any man, with higher risks of serious internal hemorrhages and infections. The placenta will have to be left inside the man’s abdomen to overcome the possibilities of damaging internal organs. This will lead to a massive infection and as the man’s abdomen, unlike a woman’s womb, is not considerably suited for pregnancy.

Once the man would change the chemistry of his body into a more feminine style, he would need to be infused by means of in vitro fertilization and after the embryo would have been implanted in the man’s abdomen using laparoscopic technique, scientists guess it would attach itself to the omentum, a fatty, blood rich tissue situated just beside the intestines and this would occur just like a woman having ectopic pregnancy, wherein the embryo would attach within the fallopian tubes.

Nevertheless, ectopic pregnancy generally is aborted as soon as it is diagnosed, since it has many dangers to pose to the mother and the unlikeliness of the fetus being brought to term. The real problem in a male pregnancy of any type is not its plausibleness, but if the man will survive it. In women, as said earlier, ectopic pregnancy is generally removed as soon as possible or else the fetus would also be in danger of aftermaths due to that would be deprived of the protection of a uterus in the woman but here, it would be difficult for a man to bear it.

A substitute to simple induction of an ectopic pregnancy is the technique of womb transplanting from a donor, or an artificial one. The first uterine transplant was done in Saudi Arabia in the year of 2000, from one woman to another and this advance drew attention about the possibility of a male getting a womb transplant, and bearing a child from that transplanted womb. The thing to be noted here is womb transplants to males have been successfully executed in animals and so no wonder, in coming years, you find your mother in your father!

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when i was pregnant my twin boys adam,ryder.I hade my husband put on apregnacy suit for 3 days and he carried twins 7 pound each ofbabies in the suit.he also took care our 3 kids that were 3year old boy 2 year old girl and 1 year old girl and take care of the house and his wife.i hada hyomotis come to our home and hymotices him what childbirth is like for me.i video tape the birth and coach him on threw the birth and held his hand while pushes our babies out .he was a trooper threw it.he said thank you have the babies in family and take care 5 kids under 5 .my husband i had more emethy towards me.
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