First trimester of pregnancy
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First trimester is the period that begins from the LMP day (last menstrual period) and ends up after three months of pregnancy. Let us see what all happens during this first trimester of pregnancy.

First Month of first trimester of pregnancy

When a woman misses her menstrual cycle, this could be the only sign of getting alert that she is pregnant. Nevertheless, physical symptoms may soon follow that might include tiredness, insomnia (an inability to sleep), frequent micturation, nauseating feeling, food aversions and soreness of the breasts. The pregnant women might feel that their emotions are swinging from one end to another, and this is quite mistaken with something called premenstrual syndrome.

Upon knowing that the woman is pregnant, she might feel elation, joyful, fear, peevish, or even melancholic. Some of the expecting mothers feel all of those emotions. It is very essential that women schedule their first prenatal visit when they come to know that they are pregnant. Women are generally given a prescription for prenatal supplements during this time.

Second Month of first trimester of pregnancy

As many women know that they have successfully conceived, they might not physically feel pregnant, however, in other case, women might feel bombarded physically and mentally with the changes which pregnancy is getting to their life. Physical symptoms involve fatigue, frequent micturation, nauseating feeling, heartburns, flatulence, hardened stools, food cravings or aversions, headache, giddiness, and breasts’ changes.

Some women experience overwhelmed with the pending maternity and it is during this time that women might decide to share the fact of their pregnancies with family and friends for getting the support that they require. Other women may prefer keeping their pregnancies a secret a bit longer!

By the end of the 2nd month, plenty of pregnant women might notice that the clothes are getting tighter. Many times a larger bra is required to be purchased to house breasts’ growth. Some women surely receive these physical changes, while other women might get uncomfortable by the changes and the learning that their looks are getting changed.

During 2nd month prenatal visit, the women can expect to have their weight, blood pressure, urine and hemogram (blood tests) being examined and evaluated. Hands and feet might also be examined for other symptoms of swelling. Woman should feel comfortable with her doctor and tell them any symptoms those she might be experiencing, as well as ask any queries they may have.

Third Month first trimester of pregnancy

The 3rd month is the last month of first trimester of pregnancy wherein most women notice that a few of their early pregnancy sings are getting diminished. Morning sickness might subside and energy levels get increased. However, women might notice they have increased vaginal discharges and/or bouts of constipation or at least some disturbance in GI tract.

Most of the pregnant women must have come to terms with their pregnancies by this time as expectant women might start educating themselves about pregnancies and childbirths. Many women may start reading literature or they can also start to ask female friends and family members queries about pregnancy, its symptoms and delivery.

During his prenatal visit, the carrying woman again expects weight, blood pressure, urine and blood getting evaluated. Feet and hands can also be examined for signs of swelling as previous. The height of the uterus is to be measured, and the size of the womb will also be examined by external palpations.

The first trimester is important for developing fetus and also for the mother. Inside her body, there are lots of hormonal changes and the fetus is developing very fast. The fetus has buds as extremities and its bodily organs have start forming. All the organs are getting developed and the heart is at its fully function.

During first trimester of pregnancy, the mother needs extra care about taking foods, drinking water and many other things. Not only physically, but she is to be supported mentally and motivated for the pregnancy ending. She should be nourished well in order to end up with happy pregnancy.

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