Early stages of pregnancy
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Pregnancy symptoms may differ widely from a woman to woman. If the woman is suspecting that she is pregnant then the most obvious thing is to learn about early stages of pregnancy. The first sign is, of course, missing menstrual cycle, but not everyone skips this period in the very early stages of pregnancy. To make things more complex, the signs that the woman is pregnant can easily be mistaken as signs of other health ailments.

One of the most-nerve-wracking times in any women’s life is when they suspect that they can be pregnant. Whether or not she has yet missed a menstrual cycle or taken a test, she might be experiencing signs that just make her curious. Having a look at some of the early stages of pregnancy symptoms is a good thought to determine if she needs to take any home pregnancy tests or to pave the way to have obstetrician’s appointment. Some women may feel no symptoms at all, but most of the pregnant ladies have at least a few body hints as to the idea that they might be carrying.

The first few weeks of pregnancy might be wonderful... but amazing. It is quite a special time, when so many things are happening, but she might not feel like it is confirmed yet, maybe since she has not told this to anyone. The early pregnancy stages are special as this is when the fetus is growing very rapidly, and so it is also the time when she requires taking extra care over what she eats keeping herself healthier and protecting her unborn child. Approximately 6-12 days later to the conception, an embryo implants itself in the uterine walls. This could cause cramps and spots in some women and this could also be mistaken for forthcoming menstrual cycle, or could result from infection or alteration in oral contraceptive pills’ usage.

Getting the woman fit and healthy is one of the best ‘to do’ matter she can have for increasing the chances to have a healthier baby. Another essential thing to consider is to make sure the pregnant woman is taking a folic acid supplement. It is important to take extra care of the expecting mother right from the day one she has been detected pregnancy positive test.

Early stages of pregnancy will make mother’s body go through many things during this period, so she should be prepared. Such early pregnancy symptoms are just a trailer of what is to come next! Some of the signs may disappear as soon as they came, only to be substituted by newer signs. Other symptoms may stick with her till the day she delivers her baby. A trained medical practitioner or health care provider can help woman making sense of these things that she is experiencing, whether or not such symptoms are actually signs of pregnancy, and that is why, it is always advisable for her to see obstetrician whenever necessary.

As soon as the woman learns that she is pregnant, checking with some known obstetricians or midwives about any medications she might already be taking is always helpful. And always, the woman should ask pharmacists for advice on OTC (over-the-counter) products, including the things that she generally take for colds, headache, malaise and so on, and any alternative therapies – some are not suitable when she is pregnant, especially herbal therapies.

Dizziness and faintness are also not unusual. Increased vaginal discharge can be a frightening thing, but is very common. Frequent urination is sometimes an annoyance in early pregnancy, but tends to get better for a while before returning in the third trimester. Headaches, due to all the hormonal changes in your body are not an uncommon occurrence. These are just a small sample of the various symptoms women get, so don’t be surprised if you experience other seemingly strange signs during early pregnancy.

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