Pregnancy Diet – How to Formulate It?

When you are pregnant, you have the responsibility of feeding two stomachs – yours, as well as the baby’s. Hence, it is obvious that you cannot be surviving on the kind of diet you used to have before your pregnancy. Not only do you have to take care of the nutritional needs of the baby, but you also have to make sure that your body is strong and healthy enough, so that no complications arise during your pregnancy, as well as during your delivery. Your body needs to be physically prepared to give birth to a healthy child.

One of the first things that you need to do is to introduce more calcium and protein in your diet. Calcium is important for the development of the bones of the baby. It will also make your body stronger. Since proteins are considered to be ‘body building’ nutrients, they are important for the development of the baby’s body, and for strengthening your body muscles and tissues.

You can start consuming more curd, milk, and other dairy products for calcium. It is also advised that you add a little sesame to your food, as it is a very good source for calcium. For protein, you can include more of cottage cheese, egg, chicken, fish, and pulses.

Including green vegetables in your diet, especially Spinach and Broccoli is very important, as they are very good sources of Iron. Apart from that, there is also need for Vitamin C, which can be obtained from citrus fruits. You can simply add a little lemon juice to each of your meals to take care of the Vitamin C needs of your body.

Make sure that you eat light and frequent meals during the day. Heavy meals may make you feel uncomfortable. Also, do not starve yourself at any point of time. Eating your meals on time, without postponing them is as important as making sure that they are healthy.

Fresh fruits and vegetable salads help in detoxifying the body and improve digestion. Adding almonds, peanuts and walnuts in your diet is also good for the growth and development of a healthy baby.

If any specific food item makes you feel exceptionally uncomfortable, or you are allergic to it, then avoid consuming it completely.

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