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Thanking your guests for coming to your housewarming party shows that you really appreciate the effort they made to come and join you in celebrating your new house. To show this appreciation you can give your guest housewarming favors. These are small gifts of your own choice. Housewarming favors are not a must to give to your guests if you cannot afford the favors, you can just thank them by word of mouth after the party. If you can afford the favors then you can offer them anything you know your guests would appreciate
Favors are not just given at the end of the party but also they can be given as soon as the guests arrive. The favors can be given when you welcome your guests and provide them with things like wristbands, stickers, personalized stickers, personalized key holders, personalized tin openers and t-shirts. You can also offer guests with favors like wine glasses. They will use the wine glasses at the party and they can then rinse them off and take them home as favors. The wine glasses can be personalized to make the favor look great.
You can also give favors of picture frames with a photo of the group of guests who attended the housewarming party. The photos should be taken on the housewarming party. Housewarming party gifts can also include gifts like aroma candles, glasses, little decorations, personalized thank you cards.
When considering the type of favors to give to your guests you need to look at your budget and consider the costs of these favors. The favors do not actually need to be expensive. Buy the favors that you can afford. If you are considering giving your guests personalized gifts you need to order them in time. After ordering them you need to go and pick them up in time. The favors can also be accompanied by little note thanking your guests for coming to the party if they are not personalized.