Giving your family reunion speech
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As the master planner of your family reunion, it is only appropriate to give your family reunion speech and discuss just how much this event means to you.

Okay, you don’t have to give a speech. You can ask other family members to do it for you, but as the planner, you should make some little announcement.

If you’re not great at writing speeches, you can sit down with a family member and brainstorm what your speech should sound like. Make sure to be interesting, but not offensive with the family stories. It would be best to avoid offensive language, as there will no doubt be tiny little ears there, ready to absorb any bad information they can find.

It is possible to purchase a speech online, if you are that uncomfortable and unable to write your own speech. But save your money and convince a family member to write one for you. Your family isn’t looking for a grand speech. They just want to hear from you.

Prior to the reunion, you might consider practicing the family reunion speech in front of family members and in front of the mirror, so you get an idea how to pace yourself and how you look delivering your speech.

Again, your family doesn’t expect a world-class speech. They simply want to give you the acknowledgment you deserve for such a great job. Why not take three or four minutes and tell them just how much it means to you to have them there? That’s all that it takes. Any longer than that and you risk losing your audience.

You can also ask other family members to make speeches as well and you may find you have family members who insist on addressing the gathering. There’s nothing wrong with this aspect either. Some family members find that once they get around each other, the spirit moves them to speak to the entire family. This can lead to interesting and intriguing speeches. And if no one is paying that close of attention, you might be able to forego your own speech for one of theirs!