Relations with Spouse after the Birth of a Baby
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Initially, relations with spouse tend to become stressed and tensed after the birth of a child. This is quite natural, since both husband and wife are trying to come to terms with their new roles and responsibilities. Both have their own expectations and apprehensions.

New fathers’ may be worried about the increasing expenditure and whether his earnings will be sufficient to provide for the needs of the family. They may also be apprehensive about what kind of fathers’ they’ll prove to be. In addition, they may be fearful of being left out as they see their wives’ devoting all the time to the new baby.

New mothers’ may be worried whether their husbands’ will share the responsibility of bringing up the baby or whether they’ll have to manage it all by themselves. They may be bogged by the continuous demands being placed upon her by both the husband and the baby. They may be apprehensive that the baby will interfere in their relations with spouse.

However, one needs to shed these fears, because if you share a good relationship then the arrival of the baby will only strengthen this bond, provided you sit together and talk about your problems and take out time for each other. This may seem like a daunting task but some suggestions can prove useful.

Hints for Husbands

  • Schedule a proper time, place and method to communicate your feelings to your wife. Early morning or after your baby has fallen to sleep is a good time.
  • Plan some regular lunch or breakfast dates with your wife. Drop your baby at your friend’s or relative’s place and enjoy some alone time together.
  • Share your concerns about the mounting financial expenses with your wife. Otherwise, your long working hours are likely to be perceived as a means to escape the burden of baby’s responsibilities.
  • Appreciate all your wife’s efforts and support her emotionally. Share her responsibilities so she can have some time for herself.

Hints for Wives

  • Don’t let your feelings get pent up inside you, communicate them to your husbands, else they’ll result in frequent meltdowns.
  • Encourage your husband to help you in taking care of the baby and tell him how much his support means to you.
  • Save some time for your spouse and share some light moments with him.