Parenting a Child with Learning Disabilities

If your child is not performing well at school, is facing difficulty in reading and grasping what he or she has read, or feeling difficulty in understanding mathematics or feels difficulty in writing, or is unable to focus, he or she may be suffering from learning disability.

Learning disability doesn’t mean absence of intelligence. Your kid can have normal intelligence and still have learning disability.

Parenting a child with learning disability is a very challenging task. You have to look into the options that are best for your child.

When the child is unable to understand what is taught in school, you have to be patient and instead of wondering how your kid will get through, you will have to find the ways to reduce the effect of this disability. Knowing the signs and acting early upon it is the best way to deal with the situation.

Various Signs of Learning Disability

There can be different warning signs for various types of learning disabilities, but there are some common signs that can be easily recognized. They are:

•    Attention distracted easily
•    Difficulty in remembering
•    Inability to understand direction
•    Poor performance

Types of Learning Disabilities

Some children may have particular type of learning disability; others may have impact on combination areas. The most common type of learning disability is:

•   Dyslexia: Child mixes up words / letters while writing or reading
•   Dyscalculia: Feels difficulty in applying mathematical concepts
•    Dysgraphia: Difficulty in writing
•    Dyspraxia: A neurological disorder which involves sensitivity to sound and touch and difficulty in integrating information.

It is necessary to detect learning disability so that it can be treated at an early stage. If ignored, child can develop psychological problems like excessive anger, shyness, depression, inferiority complex etc.

The moment parents suspect their child to have learning disability, they should immediately seek treatment. They must discuss their concerns with school authorities and child’s teacher. They can take opinion of child psychologist also for counseling and decide which option is best for the child.

Learning disability test will help you to understand whether the child needs specialized education plan, whether the child needs a tutors help or your special attention will be enough. In some cases, special education classes help the child to improve a lot.

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