Outercourse To Spice Up Relationship

Outercourse To Spice Up RelationshipOutercourse is the perfect alternative to sexual intercourse. Outercourse means to stimulate each others genitals without vaginal or anal penetration .Outercourse will help female to achieve more orgasm with or without penetration if done in a correct manner. This article focuses on tips to have a detailed Outercourse session with your female partner and have mutual orgasm. Outercourse will include stimulation of erogenous zone like female partner rubbing her clitoris against male partner or male partner rubbing his [email protected] against her body.

Outercourse methods have been used by male female couples as a foreplay strategy that will help both partners to be aroused fully. The normal procedure of Outercourse includes kissing each other, hugging each other, involving in mutual masturbation and Outercourse will also help to prolong sexual play. Outercourse can be also termed one way sex in which one partner would be submissive while other would be dominant.

Advantage Of Outercourse

Give Her A Good Outercourse Clitorial MassageOutercourse is advantage in many situations like women having period and male partner would not be feeling comfortable of sexual intercourse. Outercourse is another type of foreplay that will help for sexual arousal and will lead to some hot moments in bed even if partners are fatigued.

Outercourse can be used by partners to have a variety in their relationship and that will definitely spice up their relationship. Female partners would be satisfied with Outercourse as they would be lead to powerful orgasms and Outercourse would give male the advantage of not having an erection to satisfy women. Outercourse will work wonders with males who are having performance anxiety. Outercourse works wonders in developing intimacy in relationships. There will be also development of trust and communication in relationship if partners’ do Outercourse once in a while. Outercourse can be used by partners to explore each other’s body without concentrating on erogenous zones.

Start Your Outercourse Journey With Outercourse Massage

Start Your Outercourse Journey With Outercourse MassageMake sure that you are protected with condom. That will prevent you getting sexually transmitted diseases like herpes, warts and so on. That will also prevent your seminal fluid from entering vagina.

Massage is an important aspect of Outercourse. Make sure that you pour some scented oil on your hands before trying Outercourse massage on her. You should start from sole region of her leg and should concentrate on toe region. Then you should take her hands and rub each finger one by one. Then you should be concentrating on her arm muscles one by one to take the process of Outercourse forward. You should roll her body and should be sitting on her buttocks without causing pain. Start massaging her back and give an occasional hug. Then start massaging her inner thighs and slowly start massaging her sexual organs to lead her to a pleasurable Outercourse. You can lead her to Outercourse masturbation using your finger and you can massage her clitoris and vagina.

Outercourse positions That You Should Try

Outercourse Will Help To Prolong Sexual PlayMake your female partner lie on her back and kiss her sensuously. Make sure that you do the kissing and start removing the dresses one by one in a slow rhythmic manner. Start applying water based lubricant on her inner thighs, labia and vagina. The alternative to this Outercourse method is to apply lot of saliva as a lubricant. If the female partner has a thick pubic hair, it should be lubricated well for better Outercourse.

You should be lowering on top of her slowly. You should open her legs in such a way that [email protected] should slide between thighs and touch her vulva and clitoris. Make sure that her legs are not wide open as in sexual intercourse. It is as if your [email protected] is trapped between her vulva and thighs. You should start the thrusting process and allow her to raise her hips. By this Outercourse, she would be able to press her clitoris against your [email protected] and for this to happen fully she should contract her pelvic muscles. Then you should withdraw and force her to massage her clitoris against your [email protected]

Start Applying Water Based Lubricant On Her Inner Thighs, Labia And VaginaMake circular motions with your [email protected] and give her a good Outercourse clitorial massage. Make her massage your [email protected] using her thigh muscles and with the help of thigh muscles, make her guide your [email protected] to her soft spots leading to sensual Outercourse. Make sure that you are not excited too much to explode.The other variation to Outercourse is to have a rear Outercourse. You should make your female partner comfortable and make her lie on her stomach.

You should be applying lubricant between her thighs and buttocks and on vulva. You should lie on top of her and should be sliding your [email protected] over her buttocks without touching her vagina and anus. Make sure that you move forward and massage her clitoris with the head of your [email protected] Let your female partner stimulates your [email protected] with buttock muscles and pelvic muscles. Make sure that you do not get excited too much and penetrate her.

Make her stand against a wall. Then you should be rubbing your [email protected] using your hands against her sensitive genital female erogenous zones. Then you can rub her genital region against your genital region .The alternative to this rubbing is to do it with clothes on as the texture of cloth will lead to more friction. The danger of doing rubbing with clothes on is that Outercourse can change faster to sexual intercourse.

Outercourse can be taken to another level using breast sex.oil your [email protected] and slide it between the cleavage of her breast and start sliding up and down. You can also place [email protected] between the cheeks of her butts and slide up and down. Outercourse through butts are dangerous as semen may pass to vagina, and you should use condoms to prevent the contact of fluids. You can massage your [email protected] between her armpits to have a satisfying Outercourse. Make sure that female partner is closing her arm pits and a proper lubricant is applied to her arm pits. It is also advisable to apply lubricant on your [email protected]. Make her do a good Outercourse job on you by asking her to move her feet over your dick.

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