Oil Massage Is The Best Way To Stay Healthy

How To Stay Healthy Through Oil MassageHuman body is made up of five elements and any kind of problem arises in our body due to imbalance in any of these five elements. When we fall ill we take some medicine which gives us instant relief but does not kill the infection or disease from the roots and in order to kill the disease completely the best natural way is “Massage”, even the Ayurveda has accepted the importance of massage and that is why many beauty salons and spas are flourishing their business because of oil massages.

But some people think that if we massage our body everyday then we might get addicted to it, but it is not so this is a healthy habit which we should inculcate in our lives as daily routine.

Benefits of Oil Massage

It improves the blood circulation of the body and makes it more flexible and energetic. Thus oil massage keeps us healthy and happy by keeping our body healthy. While bathing we rub our body and then only we enjoy the bath same way when we massage our body gets rubbed more nicely and thus it feels better. Even a healthy person should massage once in a day to stay fit. If you are healthy and follow a proper exercise routine then if you club it with oil massage then it will improve your digestive system, helps to cure sytica or any other problem related to blood circulation will improve.

Efficient Pain reliever

If we massage our body in the proper way and with proper oil then all the blockages in our veins get cleared from the area where there is pain. Mainly the mustard or sesame seed oil is best for massage. Massage is an art which needs to be learnt if you massage the area suffering from pain and you get relief don’t think that the pain is gone because it takes time to cure chronic pains and when the effect of massage will go off the pain will re occur and then you will need to massage again. So regular massage is necessary to cure a chronic pain.

Earlier it was important to massage the mothers after delivery and the baby too but according to new medical system the babies are not massaged as they used to be. It is important to massage and do scrubbing of the baby’s body after birth till it becomes 6 years old. This is helpful in making the babies limbs stronger and skin becomes beautiful and excess of hair growth is also stopped because of scrubbing with gram flour, turmeric and oil.

Things you need for oil massage

You need 25 grams of oil, plain and even surface which should be clean and a mat thick enough so that when you lay on it the ground does not hurt you. Take a bed sheet or plastic sheet to cover that mat so that the oil does not make the mat dirty. Try to get an oil massage in a place where there is no cool air flow. Either gets a massage done in a closed room or where there is less flow of air during summers and during winters you can get the oil massage in the warmth of sun or inside a mosquito net so that the cold waves do not catch you when you are getting an oil massage.

Hot and Cold massage oils

Some people say that during summers we should massage with mustard oil and for winters sesame oil will be the best. But according to Ayurveda sesame oil is the best for every season. In order to make special oil for massage at home you need 100 grams Jaayphal, 5 grams Ajwain, 5 grams maalkangani and 5 grams Baboona. Make a powder by grinding all these ingredients together and now soak them in 2 litres of water. After 12 hours of soaking boil them on flame and when half water remains then strain it and add oil in it and again boil the oil and the remaining mixture. It is very good oil for hot massage. You can store this massage oil in any air tight bottle for future use too.

Second method to prepare a massage oils is to mix 250 grams of oil in 50 grams of garlic and 10 grams of ajwain and now boil it on flame till the garlic cloves become red and then cool the oil and strain it with a cloth. The cold oil massage is ready for use.

Things to remember while massaging

You should never massage if you are suffering from fever, chronic illness, or cough. Oil massage should always be done after three hours of any meal be it night or day. Before starting the massage clean the whole body with a wet towel when you sit on your massage mat. Now oil all the body parts with your finger tips like nose, ears, navel and head scalp and sole of your feet. Now apply oil on your shoulders, neck, waist, knees and all the other joints of the body.

Method of oil massage

We should always massage in the proper way then only we can get the best benefit out of oil massage. Oil massage is always started from the toes of your feet and then the soles are massaged from toe to ankles. Then we move upwards that is from the feet to the knees are massaged. From knees move again up till the thighs and waist. After massaging waist all the muscle sand nerves are massaged till the shoulders at the back. Now the front portion is taken with stomach and chest. In the end comes face and head massage. After the whole massage remember to clean your body with a wet towel by rubbing it nicely.

You should neither get a massage done in cold nor in warm room or temperature, the temperature should be normal. If the weather is very hot and you are sweating then you can get a massage without oil too. But always remember that massage is just like a diet for our body to keep it fit.

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