Types of Fruits – There May Be More Types of Fruits Than You May Have Known
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There are a wide variety of fruits on the market available to us. But a lot of us only know the main types of fruits and what we commonly see and recognize. There are actually a lot of types and varieties then you might be aware of. As far as the types of fruits, there are different categories of fruits that include:

  • Fleshy Simple Fruits – these fruits include those that contain a soft pericarp. This means that they have a fleshy kind of material around the middle of the fruit. These fruits are derived from a single ovary and are therefore considered to be simple fruits. Categories of Fleshy simple fruits include berries, which include grapes, tomatoes and bananas. Hesperidiums are types that include lemons and oranges and Pepos are types that include melons and pumpkins. Drupes are fleshy mesocarp fruits that include almonds, peaches, plums and olives. Pomes are types that include apples and pears.
  • Fleshy Aggregate Fruits – these include fruits that contain a soft pericarp and contain a fleshy kind of material around the middle, but they do not originate from single ovary flowers, but rather from flowers with many ovaries. Polydrupes are a category of fleshy aggregate fruits and include strawberries and blackberries.
  • Fleshy Multiple Fruits – these fruits are derived from types of compound and independent flowers. Figs and pineapples are good examples of fleshy multiple fruits.

It is always best to choose a variety of the fruits within the main categories and aim for at least 3-5 servings of fruit everyday. Each of the different types of fruits has something different and beneficial to offer as far as nutrients and health benefits are concerned so it is important to choose a variety of fresh fruits in your daily caloric intake.