Types of Citrus Fruits – Though Citrus Fruits Have A Lot in Common – There Are a Lot of Varieties
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Citrus fruits are not just one classification of fruits, but they actually consist of different types of fruits in the citrus category. All citrus fruits are acid fruits; they are the most kind of detoxifying fruits for the body. Citrus fruits are a great source of vitamin C and a wide range of essential nutrients that the body needs. Citrus fruits are also one of the most flavorful types of fruits available and are often known and recognized for their aromatic qualities. There are many products that we use that derive from citrus fruits as well as have essences of citrus fruits as well.

Some people have health conditions that makes it difficult to consume and digest citrus fruits because of the acidic level. The acid is actually a very healthy and nutritional part of citrus fruits. Each different citrus fruit has a different amount of acid in it, so some may be easier and better for you to eat than others. A lot of people may be unable to digest orange juice for instance, but are able to eat certain types of tangerines, tangelos or grapefruit. Every citrus fruit, though bearing the same basic qualities does have a very distinct amount of different flavors, nutrients and aromas.

If you are looking for different types of citrus fruits, you may be surprised to learn of all of the kinds and varieties that are available for you. Most of the main varieties found include the following:





Rough Lemon


Leech Lime










So if you are looking to try different types of citrus fruit, check out your local farmer’s market or fresh produce section and expand your fresh fruit selections