Indian Vegetarian Dishes – From Main Entrees to Desserts
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Indian cuisine is known for their wonderful and flavorful vegetarian dishes. Although not all Indian dishes are created around the vegetarian genre, a lot of the meals are vegetarian based. The use of masala and other seasoning combinations offers Indian vegetariandishes a very versatile and delicious variety in cuisine.

Unlike some other ethnic vegetarian dishes that are based upon soy products and tofu, Indian vegetariandishes tend to focus on the vegetables, flavors, spices and side dishes that are served together with it. Vegetarian dishes offer a lot in the way of being healthy, nutritious and very flavorful. They are typically much lower in fat and calories than meat-based dishes and do not have as much cholesterol either. Vegetarian dishes are also easier to digest and absorb, and those who eat a steady diet of vegetarian dishes tend to have less health problems than those who have all of their meals based around meat.

Indian vegetarian dishes tend to make use out of strong flavorings such as coriander, garlic and ginger. These rich and potent spices help bring out the flavors of rice and vegetables in the dish, and create a very warm and rich flavor experience. Some very popular Indian vegetarian main entrees include Dum Alu, Poori, Aloo Subzi, Egg Curry with Tomatoes, Palace pander and Masala Dosa. There are many vegetarian and vegan based main entrees in Indian cuisine.

Popular Indian vegetarian side dishes include onion chutney, garlic chutney, fresh coconut chutney, quick mango chutney and raita. Indian vegetarian dessert options include kulfi, modak, suji ka halwa, gajar ka halwa and rasgula. These desserts are a combination of sweet and spicy, and depending on what recipes are followed can offer you a very interesting and unique experience with dining.