Non Surgical Treatments For Fat Removal

Non Surgical Treatments For Fat RemovalUnhealthy habits, junk food, eating disorders, stress, hormone disorders, lifestyle… the list of things that cause obesity goes on and on. Many of us are in an endless weight loss spree trying all sorts of surgical, non surgical and herbal treatments to look lean and absolutely gorgeous.

But the truth of the matter is that in spite going through the best treatment methods and going under the knife and enduring excruciating pain, we are as satisfied as we imagined we would be.

What are the reasons that do not give results?  The most obvious reason is that most of us do not concentrate on or consider our body mass index while undergoing these procedures. The percentage of fat in our body, muscle mass, waist to hip ratio, fat mass, basal metabolic rate etc. are all important factors to be considered while undergoing fat loss treatments.

While we undertake diet control, many of us end up getting less nutrition than what is required for the body. This will result is fatigue, lethargy and tiredness which will have an immediate effect on our face and body. Our face will lose its shine and our body will lose important muscle mass which is required for healthy functioning.

A combination of regular exercise and healthy eating can keep our body fit. But, if you are looking at much more than a fit body, for instance a well sculpted body, there are certain procedures which are non surgical that help you attain that ultimate ‘perfect 10’.

Ultrasonic Lipolysis

Ultrasonic Lipolysis is a French technology and the latest one that not only destroys the fat cells in your body, but also destroys them permanently. There are no side effects or pain associated with this procedure as it is not an invasive procedure.

Ultrasonic Lipolysis takes care of fat cells in the hip area, thighs and abdominal area. The procedure uses multiple frequencies in order to break the adipose membranes, triglycerides and fat cells and help in the contouring of the body. The fat that is melted is excreted through the natural metabolic action of the body.

The whole procedure is completed within an hour and patients can immediately resume their activities. The process takes 8-10 sessions for definite results. Results are immediately visible after one or two sittings. Since the process destroys fat cells which cannot replicate after a certain age, the fat loss is permanent. The process uses targeted destruction and hence does not affect surrounding tissues and organs.


Another non invasive fat reduction procedure, Endermologie reduces cellulite in the body and makes way for less dimpling and fat deposit under the skin. Again a French technology par excellence, Endermologie process uses rollers for deep lymphatic massage and lipomobilisation of the tissues that need to be dissolved.

Along with the process, suction too is done for effective removal of dimpling of skin by redistributing the skin and making them smooth. Once the Endermologie process is complete, the patient is required to undergo monthly treatment in order to maintain the outcome of the procedure. The process requires fourteen to 28 sessions for definite results. Each session is of 45 minutes.

Radiofrequency with Lipolaser

This non invasive technique is approved by the US FDA. This treatment method helps in spot fat reduction. It targets areas that do not lose fat easily in spite of diet and exercise. The process uses laser beams of low levels at parts of the body which requires fat reduction.

The lipolaser source is placed in contact with the skin in order that the photo energy may penetrate the skin. The photon energy from the light source is absorbed by the skin and converted into biochemical energy. Further, this converted energy communicates with the cells and helps in the restoration of proper functioning of cells and improvement in the healing of the body.

The low level laser beams that penetrate the skin also provide the effect of an acupuncture which is needle less. Low level laser beam therapy is also used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, immune system angina etc.

This technology is fast catching in popularity due to its non invasive technique and would soon be available in spas and wellness centres and as a method for non surgical plastic surgery treatments.  The laser beams can safely remove up to 6 cms of fat from under the skin. The fat cells are not damaged by the process.

The laser beams only stimulate the emulsifying of fat which moves from the cell through a temporary pore that is formed in the cell membrane. The liquefied fat cells are removed by the lymphatic system in the body naturally.

The procedure takes one hour each session. The radio frequency applied after the lipolaser procedure helps in heating the fat cells which will remove the fibrous connective bands that produce dimpling of the skin and making way for smooth skin.


Mesotherapy is a Spanish cosmetic medical treatment which uses a combination of medicines from various branches of medicine for removal of pigmentation, cellulite in the body and for anti ageing. The process involves administering multiple injections into the subcutaneous fat cells in the body.

The medicines used could be extracts from plants, vitamins, homeopathic medications and other pharmaceutical medicines. The medicines immediately attack the adipose fat present under the skin and trigger lipolysis which is the stimulation of the body’s natural metabolism in removing the emulsified fat.

As mesotherapy aims at cell death there is no cause for worry of gaining the fat back. Fat cells cannot be produced after maturity. So destruction of fat cells is a permanent way of removing fat from the body.

Mesotherapy medicines used include T3-T4, minerals, Vitamin C, Carbon dioxide, trace minerals, multi vitamins etc. among a host of other medicines. This process is also used as a pain relief treatment for several diseases like cancer, arthritis, dental treatment, tendonitis, calcification of tendons, lymphedema etc.

Though many of these non invasive surgical procedures give satisfactory results, along with proper diet and exercise, the results can be enhanced to a great extent.

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