Nokia Asha 300 Touch And Type Phone Review

Nokia Asha 300 is yet another S40 mobile phone in the Nokia Asha series. This touch-and-type phone offers 2.4-inch touchscreen, 1GHz processor, 3.5G connectivity, S40 software, and 5MP camera packed in candy bar form factor.

Nokia Asha 300 Touch And Type

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Also, Nokia Asha 300 offers superb call quality and messaging features. What else does this 110 Euro-worth Asha 300 have under the hood? Let us find out in this review.

Features of Nokia Asha 300


Nokia Asha 300 weighs 85g and is 12.7mm thin. The plastic casing in the Asha 300 is adorned with chrome-like finish. The back portion sports gray matte surface. Rounded edges make the phone quite handy. Although there is less space between the keys horizontally, ample vertical space and large-sized keys make typing quite comfortable. Thinness of call button, end button and message button makes things bit tedious.


The Nokia Asha 300 also sports a resistive touchscreen. Although the screen performs well compared to other phones having resistive displays, it does not stand a chance among the current capacitive touchscreens.

Nokia Asha 300 review

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Navigation can be done only by tapping on this sometimes-irritating screen as Nokia did not provide any navigational buttons. Unresponsive scrolling and accidental presses do appear irksome. However, the screen renders bright output.


For a touch-and-type phone, the choice of S40 software is not justified. In short, Nokia Asha 300 does not give the users any reason to buy it and they can very well opt for more fluid Android phones that come for similar price tag. Nevertheless, S40 software is a great medium for making uninterrupted calls, send text messages and use some basic tools such as the alarm or calculator.

Nokia Asha 300 features

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The S40 software creates problems while browsing the Web. Users will have to avoid browsing more demanding websites with more images as the Memory Full message will pop up even when the loading process is just half way. Web browsing gets a little better with Nokia Browser. The 1GHz processor fails miserably in handling most games including Angry Birds. It does justice to YouTube videos.

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Call Quality

This is perhaps the strength of Nokia Asha 300. Call quality is outstanding even in handsfree mode. The phone speaker renders credible sound that is loud on the other side as well. Nokia Asha 300 does not complain about signal reception. Mono loudspeaker is the USP of Nokia Asha 300.


The 5MP camera captures decent images in daylight. Night shooting, however, is not possible as there is no flash. It also records videos in 640x480p resolution.

Nokia Asha 300 price

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Battery life

Nokia Asha 300 is powered by a BL-4U 1110mAh battery that drains out in a day when the phone is put to maximum use including web browsing, ample software use, music playback and YouTube video playback. Under such conditions, the phone offers talk time of 2.5 hours.


For making and receiving calls, Nokia Asha 300 is a great option. Although it calls itself a touch-and-type phone, it does not offer a smooth touchscreen interface. For beginners it is a good choice but others can get a much better Android-based phone for the same price tag.

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