Nausea After Eating- Prevention and Treatment

Nausea after eating is very common and occurs due to many reasons. Due to this disorder, a person may become irritated and in some severe cases, may not perform his / her duties at all. Thus, treatment of this disorder becomes inevitable. Most of treatments for nausea after eating are based upon the reason of such disorder. By following healthy eating habits and by avoiding causes of nausea after eating, a person can avoid this disorder easily. In some cases, medicines are also prescribed.

A person must avoid continuous stress, as it causes nausea after eating. In present time lifestyle, lot of stress is observed and this has resulted in above disorder in many persons. Hyperactivity not only causes nausea after eating but also makes it severe. Thus, a person must not adopt a life style that involves too much stress or hyperactivities. Off and on, a person must take out some time for himself from his busy routine and should relax.

Apart from above, there are certain other steps that help in avoiding nausea after eating and in getting relief from same. For example, by consuming ice cold or clear drinks, a person can avoid above disorder. Similarly, fresh fruit juices and lemonade have also found to be very effective in alleviating and preventing nausea after eating. A person should consume these throughout the day. Other beverages that help in avoiding nausea are green tea, lemon tea and herbal tea. These teas are also used for the treatment of nausea after eating.If a person is suffering from severe or chronic nausea, it is better if he / she increases the intake of liquid foods and reduces the intake of solid foods.

Sometimes, smell of certain perfumes or smoke from vehicles etc also causes nausea after eating. These must be avoided for preventing this disorder. Similarly, while cooking certain types of food substances, a person may suffer from nausea after eating. These should also be avoided.
A person with excessive exposure to humidity or heat and, who eats in the same environment, may suffer from nausea after eating. Apart from avoiding such atmosphere, a person must not go to congested places and should avoid riding vehicles.

Nausea after eating can also be avoided by including large quantities of bland in the diet. Light foods should be preferred over spicy and fatty foods. If a person suffers with nausea after eating, he / she must not mix cold and hot foods in his / her meal. Hot food should be avoided, completely.In curbing nausea, whole grains and fresh fruits also prove very helpful.

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