Natural Treatments For Stomach Ache

Stomach ache! This is a very common word that we use in our daily lives. Being one of the most prevalent and frequent health problems, stomach aches can be due to a lot of reasons. The most significant causes for general stomach aches include indigestion of food, overeating, eating too much of junk or fried foods or even due to long periods of fasting. Whether we call it tummy ache or belly ache or even stomach upset, all of them are just simple terms used to define stomach ache.

Some other causes for stomach ache-

The causes that directly connect to the problem of stomach ache includes constipation, infections in the urinary tract, food poisoning, gallbladder inflammation, appendicitis, kidney stones and excessive gastritis or acidity. Hernia is a severe illness that can lead to stomach ache.

Since, its one of the most common problems we face in our daily lives, it becomes extremely significant to know about some natural treatments to cure it rather than adhering to medications and drugs prescribed by the doctor.

Some of the most recommended natural treatments and homemade remedies for stomach ache are as follows-

Home remedies and Natural Treatments

Lemon tea with a dash of honey

One of the most tried and tested home remedy for stomach ache is drinking lemon tea to which you can add honey according to your taste buds. The treatment is highly effective and gives you instant relief.


Plain yoghurt works wonders for stomach ache. It not only soothes the stomach pains and cramps but also helps in breaking down the food in case of indigestion. It becomes extremely easy to follow this remedy since yoghurt is found in most homes.

Lemon juice with hot water

Take out the juice of one whole lemon and mix it with one cup of hot water. The treatment really works when it comes to stomach ache. The lemon breaks down the food particles and the hot water flushes the stomach of the toxins and cleanses it.

Mint, lime and ginger combo

Mix equal quantities of mint juice and lime juice. The amount can approximately be 1 teaspoon each. To this mixture, add some fresh ginger juice and a hint of black salt. For an instant relief from stomach ache, drink this combo immediately. It will definitely give you miraculous results!

Ginger magic!

An effortless and hassle free way to get freedom from stomach ache is to peel a small piece of ginger and chew it slowly. The effectual juices of ginger are really helpful when it comes to this form of health problem. The medicinal juices will also treat all kinds of indigestion and feeling of nausea and vomiting.

Another interesting way to extract maximum benefits from ginger is to massage your abdomen and belly area with fresh ginger juice. This is another successful home remedy for the problem.

Essential oil and rice massage

Mix in 5-6 drops of your favorite essential oil, preferably lavender flavor to a cup of rice. Stir the entire rice well to mix in the oils properly. Now put this mixture of rice in an old tube sock and tie the end. Once done, place it in the microwave until it a little hot. Use this hot tube sock on the painful areas of the stomach for fast and quick relief. The treatment works wonders when it comes to cramps and even stomach ache due to menstrual problems.

Fresh papaya

Papaya is one of the nature’s gift that considerable reduces stomach ache. It is not only simple to follow but has a lot of other advantages attached to it.

Chamomile tea

A strong chamomile tea either made out from chamomile tea bags available in the market or dry chamomile flowers thoroughly cleans the entire system from toxins. The remedy can be followed daily as chamomile tea is good for health. The best time to drink tea is just before breakfast.

Plain soda water

A glass of plain soda water is advisable only in cases where the stomach ache is a result of acidity. This will provide you with instant outcomes.

Grandma’s recipe

Make a fine powder by mixing in ingredients dry ginger, garlic, rock salt, black pepper, roasted cumin seeds, coriander, dry mint leaves and asafetida. Make sure all the natural products are taken in equal quantities. The mixture can be stored in an air tight container.

A teaspoon of this mixture with warm water will always give you successful results for stomach ache. It should only be consumed after every meal, thrice a day.

Celery leaves

Crush some dry celery leaves and add some rock salt to it. Eat this powder if you are suffering from belly pains and cramps.

Pomegranate fruit

Pomegranate is a great and healthy solution to stomach ache issues. All you have to do is eat a bowl of pomegranate seeds which is mixed with a dash of rock salt. Chew the seeds properly for maximum benefits.

Effective tamarind

Grind some tamarind leaves in a cup of water until it forms into a paste. Add some rock salt to the paste for good taste. Drink this liquid for alleviating aches and cramps from the stomach and abdomen area.

Aniseeds water

Overnight, soak some aniseeds (approximately 2 teaspoon) in a glass of water. Sieve this liquid early morning and drink the water to help the ache to a great extent. In case you suffer from acidity on a regular basis. This remedy can be followed daily for some weeks to get freedom from the problem.

Some useful suggestions for stomach ache-

Along with home remedies you can follow some of these suggestions to cure stomach ache as early as possible-

Green leafy vegetables should be included in the diet on a regular basis. Avoid any forms of processed or refined products. From refined flour to cheese, chocolates and sweets all of them should be totally kept away from.

Caffeine rich foods like tea and coffee and spicy foods should also be excluded from the daily diet. Light exercises and power walking will help in keeping the digestive system under proper control and function.

Follow these simple home treatments and suggestions to keep the stomach healthy and fit.

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