Natural Cures For Breast Cysts In Women

Natural Cures For Breast Cysts In WomenBreast cysts are painful health problem for women. It usually occurs in women aged between 30-50 years. What is a breast cyst? It is a small fluid sac which is not a threat until it starts to grow.

Once they swell and become large, it causes lot of anxiety in the patient. However, one should not be scared because cysts don’t develop into cancers. Studies have shown that women in their reproductive age will have cysts later in lives. It is nothing to worry but precautions should be taken. Women should be totally aware about the signs of breast cysts.

Essential Signs Of Breast Cysts

The most common sigh is the feeling of “soft lump” around or in the breast. These cysts are too small to feel but can be detected by tests like ultrasounds and mammograms.

Second sign to detect breast cyst is feeling pain in the breast. Often women complain of pain in their breasts, immediately go for a test and consult a doctor for further treatment.

pain in the breastOften women notice that during their menstruation or time before that, the lump or the cyst grow in size and become tenderer. Similarly the cysts reduce in size and tenderness when the menstruation is over. These are effective signs to know the presence of breast cysts.

What are the causes of breast cysts in women? As we know women of reproductive capacity develop cysts. Some common causes are:

Hormonal Imbalance

Many times, women have erratic hormonal secretions causing lumps in the breast. This is the most common cause for breast cysts in women.

lumps in the breastPregnancy

Breast lumps are common among the pregnant women. Pregnancy can sometimes cause breast cysts, but not always, it happens in few women.

PregnancyEstrogen Therapy

The therapy to enhance the secretion of the hormone called estrogen can cause lumps in the breasts.

Estrogen therapyBreast Cancer

Limps do not lead to cancer, but breast cancer patients can develop breast cysts. It is a common side effect that breast cancer has.

The breast development process starts when a girl gets her periods to the time she grows old. In this time duration, women go through lot of changes in the size and intensity of pain in the breasts.

Changes during menstruation, pregnancy and old age are the most common and evident. The breasts become tender throughout life, only how tender or hard it is differs as women age.

Breast cancerBreast lumps doesn’t lead to cancer. But women with soft lumps go through tremendous pain, body pain, fever, tiredness, inflammation and tenderness in the breasts. Feeling dizzy and heavy head are also few symptoms women with breast cysts experience. There are few natural remedies for treating breast cysts.

Natural Remedies For Breast Cysts In Women

Increase The Intake Of Vitamin A

Vitamin A is believed to reduce pain in the breasts. The regular does of Vitamin A in a women should be 15000 IV everyday but doctors advise the pregnant ladies to not to go beyond 10000 IV daily.

Increase the intake of Vitamin AConsume food rich in Vitamin A to help your breasts function well.

Increase The Intake Of Isoflavones

A great source of nutrient present in Soya and soy based food items is isoflavones very essential for the tissue of the breasts. If the tissues work properly, it will shield from the breast lumps or cysts.

Increase the intake of isoflavonesTofu is also a great source of isoflavones. Women are advised to eat at least 20-40 milligrams of isoflavones daily.

Increase The Intake Of Vitamin E

Vitamin E, as we all know is the best vitamin to improve the quality of our skin. The anti-oxidant property of Vitamin E makes it an essential nutrient for the protection of breast tissues, keeping it healthy and safe from any breast cysts to occur.

Increase the intake of Vitamin E

Approximately 800 to 1200 IV of vitamin E should be consumed by women everyday. It also helps to maintain perfect hormonal balance in women.

Avoid Caffeine In Tea And Coffee

Caffeine can disrupt hormonal balance, therefore the doctors advise to stop drinking tea and coffee that contains high levels of caffeine. Too much caffeine in the body can destroy or stop the secretion or increase the release of certain hormones that are helpful or harmful respectively.

Avoid caffeine in tea and coffeeTea and coffee drinkers are at a higher risk to have breast cysts than the others.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol anyways is a bad for health. Too much alcohol in the body destroys vital organs like kidneys, lungs and heart. just like caffeine, alcohol also encourage hormonal imbalance.

Avoid alcoholWomen especially pregnant should not drink any form alcohol or alcoholic chocolates or mocktails.

Stop Worrying

Women, by default have all the problems in the world to think about. They have to manage home and office. This creates too much pressure building up and they start to worry.

Stop worryingWorries and anxiety also release harmful chemicals in the body that can cause breast cysts in the body. Therefore, stop thinking or worrying too much.

Regular Check-Up Is Necessary

A thorough medical check up for women is absolutely vital to detect if everything’s functioning properly. Any changes found in the mammograms or ultrasounds can help to diagnose early health problems and start the medication immediately.

Therefore doctors think it is necessary for women after the years of 35-40 to take regular clinical examinations.

breast cyst

To know why the breast cyst has occurred depends a lot on the personal and family medical history. An ultrasound can detect whether a cyst is a small lump called micro cyst or a large lump called macro cyst. Cysts are sac filled with fluid, can be removed by experts using needles.

Doctors say that if the lumps have no blood, then there is no need for any surgery or treatment. A simple regular check up is ordered to track the growth of the cyst.

treatment for breast cystsBreasts are an important part of women. They should be aware about the symptoms, causes and treatment for breast cysts. Any threat or health problems related to it should be taken care of.

Follow the excellent natural treatments for curing breast cysts and live a happy and healthy life.

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