Most Rewarding Photography Careers

Images appeal to our minds more than any other medium. Images shape our personality and influence our perception. It is a medium to record history and influence the present. Photography has emerged as a successor of painting since its invention.

Majority of photographers prefer to be freelancers. It provides them the freedom to work according to their own rules. Since, there are huge number of freelancers in this profession, they are paid appropriately according to their talent. In case, the published photographs are noticed by an agency, one can get more freelance projects.

Having an expertise in photography is not enough in the present scenario. Computers are an unavoidable necessity of photography. Your photographs can look even more appealing with the help of software. Photoshop is one such software that every photographer should care to learn. To be updated with the photography developments is vital in the age of technological advancements.

In order to become a full-fledged photographer, one can start with assisting a professional photographer. Though it won’t pay much in the learning phase, there are lucrative opportunities available in the later phase. In addition to that, one needs to be clear about the kind of photography career one would like to pursue.

Wildlife photography

For all those thrill-seekers who are always ready to do something challenging, wildlife photography is the best option. With an immense passion, lot of patience and courage are a need of this profession. One should have the knowledge of wild animals and study the pattern of their behavior to get unique perspectives in the photographs. Love for animals is the most important quality required in a wildlife photographer.

Wildlife photography is a very rewarding career if one really knows his/her job. At the same time, it’s not easy to become a wildlife photographer. A wildlife photographer should be able to gel well with the natural surroundings in order to click wild animals. Other than affectionate behavior, the photographer should know the right way to treat different animals and the prescribed distance must be maintained. There is no dearth of examples in which the photographers didn’t care about the natural behavior of an animal and ended up losing their lives.

As many channels specifically focused on wildlife are multiplying every day, there is plethora of opportunities waiting for wildlife photographers. Channels like Discovery, National Geographic, Animal Planet, BBC and so on, invite entries for wildlife photography contests annually. Wildlife calendars add an interesting aesthetics to homes, offices and other organizations. In view of that, one can try his/her luck in the wildlife calendar shoot. Wildlife magazines are also an option that can be considered.


Journalism is not just about great writing and speaking skills; it also involves great photography skills. Photographs have been an aid to journalism in terms of providing evidence. Many photographs have resulted in great political demonstrations and campaigns. The photographs of Vietnam War and Gulf War made the governments to clarify their actions. There have been instances when attempts have been made to prevent the exposure of photographs to general public so as to maintain order. Given the value of photographs in the field of journalism, photojournalism has emerged as a specialized field of journalism in recent years.

Just knowing to click a good photograph doesn’t make someone a good photojournalist. Most of the photographs by photojournalists provide a political or economic context. To be a good photojournalist, one should have an in-depth knowledge of politics, current affairs, social and economic conditions. Apart from that, a curiosity to explore issues that matter to people is the quality that adds individuality to the perspectives provided photographs.

Timeliness is the essence of photojournalism. A photograph published at an inappropriate time will never have the expected result. To ensure that, one needs to be present at the right place on the right time. A photojournalist is on the job 24 hours a day. Therefore, he/she should always be prepared for the unpredictable.

The biggest annual photojournalism contest is the world press photography competition. The increasing number of newspapers and political magazines provide enough opportunities to photojournalists. Photographs have never been so important in journalism as much it is today. With the coming of social media, good photographs go viral rapidly among the netizens. For the political photojournalists, this is the apt time to exploit the available media.

Advertising photography

Advertising has occupied our lives in all possible manners. Whether it is T.V., internet, billboards at public places, etc., the beautiful photographs in them make us desire the advertised product. The enormously growing advertising industry is more than interested in photographers who can provide a look to their product that can stun people with its beauty. Advertising photography includes fashion photography and product photography.

Internet shopping has even more revolutionized the advertising photography. With more and more people shopping online now a day, they prefer to choose the product through photographs. It has added to the job prospects in advertising photography. If you have the knack for providing an aesthetic sense to the products and fashion models, then make a portfolio and approach different brands. Fashion photography is a rewarding career for those who want some glamour and glitz in the profession they pursue.

Forensic photography

Many people start photography as a hobby or a leisure activity. As the time passes, their expertise in photography compels them to take it more seriously. At times, they end up switching their career by becoming fulltime photographers.

Those who have been in a scientific field, forensic photography can provide them edge over others. Forensic photography includes photographing a crime scene. Along with the crime scene, it encompasses photographing objects that are a part of the crime scene, like dead bodies and other things. While photographing the forensic details, one must keep in mind to record the size, shape and distance of the objects accurately in the photographs.

Since very few people opt for forensic photography, it can be fulfilling in financial terms to the interested photographers. They can get jobs in investigative agencies, forensic laboratories, hospitals, police department and other law enforcement agencies.

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