Most Prominent and Attractive Places to Visit in China

What a glorious destination it is; an eye catching, spectacular view showcasing a beautiful and architectural country, China is also addressed as ‘mini Las Vegas’commonly.

It is a developed and calming country having a very sweet and friendly poise turning it into a hot tourist destination. If you are making a short list of the places to visit in China, mark the best destinations, and check out if it has the following spots.

Attractive Places to Visit in China


This is a palatial, glorious city with a remarkable facade, and is well aligned with the geographical aspects of mother nature, and seems to be like a temple that reaches you to heaven. The way it acknowledges the weather, the sky and the earth grounds, and utilizes nature for its benefit is worth noticing. Also, the enterprising Chinese people have well built every bit of the area. Don’t  miss the capital of the ‘People’s Republic of China’ in your shortlist.

Here we have temples like the Lama Temple and the temple of heaven. Then we also have historical places like the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. We have a great museum, The Beijing Capital Mueseum. Then we have exterior delights like the Yashow Market and the Beihai Park. Also, it houses one of  very prestigious sites of China called ‘ The Great Wall of China.’ We should learn some things about The Great Wall before visiting it.

Great wall of China

It is a hot tourist destination,  is an acclaimed and one of the wonders of the world. It is no less important in comparison to any monument in form , architecture and design as far as its utilities are referred to. It is included in the renowned World Heritage list of UNESCO.

it was listed in the year 1987. It seems like a huge dominating dragon, and intervenes across deserts, lush mountains and soothing grasslands, and occupies an area of over 8,851.8 kilometers in totality. Though it is considerably much in ruins at the present time, it is appealing enough, and has a prominent historical significance.


Dazu is a world heritage site and boasts of  well chiseled, presentable walls with huge stone carvings, which stands there representing some spiritual beliefs. A historical explorer or an art lover should consider visiting here to see some jaw dropping artifacts.


This stands as a famous city housing many historical sites and showcasing simultaneously, the historical importance of China. The sites here are the mystical Banpo and Shaanxi Provincial Museums.

Shaanxi Provincial Museums Xian

We also have the popular Xian Great Mosque and luxurious luHuaqing Hot Spring. Not to forget, the famous City Wall, and the ‘ Terra-cotta Army.


The most chattered about of the places to visit in China, Shanghai stands as a beautiful city, very artfully planned and well executed one and gives an invigorating spirit  to travelers. It is a pretty luxurious city housing casinos, pubs and more, referred to as local L.A too.

The invigorating charm adds to the beauty and spirit of travelling. Shanghai has many prominent sites like the Shanghai Xin Tian, and the Shanghai Bund. We also have the Shanghai Buddha Temple, the sky reaching the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. Intriguing  Shanghai Museum, and the beautiful Yuyuan Garden are equally attractive. And the Huangpu River is a delight for those who love water.


Just on the banks of this soothing and spectacular Li River, Guilin has till date earned some fame for its tingling natural and beautiful views. It soothes and calms the senses showcasing lush green hills, clear water, jazz rockeries, intriguing caves, and amazing stone artifacts.

Guilin Folded Brocade Hil

There are numerous cultures that reside together here, like Yao, Mulao, and Dong . Thus, it is the cultural hub of China too. They splash a range of colors on the cultural life of the city. Here we have the Li River and some natural beauty with the  Seven Star Park. There are interesting  Reed Flute Fengyu Caves. the lace is popular for cascading hills like the Guilin Folded Brocade Hil, the Fubo Hill, the Solitary Beauty Hill and the Elephant Trunk Hill.

Yangtze River

The Yangtze River has some best cruises bringing on the romantic mood. A long river running beautifully between mountains and throughout all the cities and then consequently merging softly into the China Sea somewhere near Shanghai, thus hosting and presenting a grander view.

Sprawling over more than a distance of 6300 km, it is definitely the third longest in the rivers of the world. This place also has spots worth visiting like the Shennong Stream, the water borne Three Gorges Dam, and Yichang City.

Lhasa Tibet

Lhasa Tibet stands erect as an exciting  adventure destination for tourists, with great opportunities for hikers, climbers, adventurous and extrovert people who come here just to experience the fun and thrill from nearly all corners of the world. Here, there stand Tufty snow mountains, mysterious religions, intriguing and exotic traditions and clear, interesting customs, that would leave you wanting to know more and more.

gigantic Potala Palace Lhasa Tibet

Lhasa is basically the second cultural hub of Tibet. It literally denotes “The land of gods”, if we refer to the Tibetan language. Reach the  right  places like the Drepung, Ganden and Monasteries, The gigantic Potala Palace and the Jokhang Temple for the religious.

Jiuzhaigou Sichuan

This one is hidden or coveted somewhere in between the mountains; Aba Tibetan and the Qiang. Located towards in Sichuan, Jiuzhaigou is beautiful, created craftfully like a fairyland and basically named on the Tibetan villages. These are the nine villages that adore the valley and add to it with their simple beauty.

The full length  of the valley is 50 kilometers or even more,  in length. It is since long  listed, among  the natural heritages, by the Unesco. The popular places here are the ‘Giant Panda Breeding Research Base,’ and the Giant Buddha. We also know the Emei Mountain, for its spectacle, and the ‘Huanglong and Jiuzhaigou Area’ for its spectacular scenic sites.

Silk Road

The Silk Road, owns a history of even more than 2,000 long years. It starts from the Chang’an in East China and finishes towards Rome and Italy. Its length goes up to 2,485 miles and the larger portion is lies within the territory of China.

Silk Road

 There are some important places that dot the sides, along the Silk Road. We have villages with their natural splendor like  Wuwei, Zhangye , Urumqi, Loulan, Hami,  Jiayuguan Pass, Turpan, Aksu and  Korla.

If you are still on deciding about the places to visit in China while your visit , definitely include all this in your list to experience a memorable trip.

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