Micro Bikinis Are Here To Stay

Sexy, sultry and totally revealing, micro bikinis are for those brave few who are very comfortable with their body and do not mind showing it off to the world . Micro  bikinis are very similar to two piece bikinis but with minimal fabric and very exposing. Micro Bikinis originated in the 1970’s when many states were banning nudity in beaches.

Since rules are meant to be broken, micro bikinis were created. As the name suggests, they are small and barely covers your privates and all of it is held together by super thin twine. The materials used are sometimes nearly sheer and in some cases fishing twine is used to hold the fabrics in place. The one who wears a micro bikini barely leaves anything for the onlookers imagination.

This beach wear consists of a top piece that cover your just the areolar area of your breasts and generously showing off your cleavage. The top piece maybe triangular or of any other shape, though triangle is the most commonly found shape. The bottom piece of the bikini is either in form of a thong or G string that reveals almost the whole of your buttocks. It is a low waist piece that has a triangular fabric in front that joins the back with a scarily thin string of fabric.The men’s version just has a pouch like structure in the front and thong in the back showing off their buttocks.

Also known as string bikinis, micro bikinis give the ladies a freedom to tie the two piece however they want. You really need the confidence and the body to be able to carry off a micro bikini. Thanks to its highly revealing nature, micro bikinis were considered a taboo and rejected at first. They caused quite an uproar when the gutsy few dared to flaunt them on the beach or the poolside. Being able to bravely show off your body just proves to the world how carefree and comfortable you are with your body.

Though rejected at first, micro bikinis have gained quite a bit of popularity over the years, thanks to many models and actors wearing them. Even though the initial shock has slowly subsided, certain public pools still ban their visitors from wearing micro bikinis. This rule is imposed mainly in places that allow children.

Thanks to its highly revealing nature these bikinis are mainly worn by models in adult websites and movies. One place where micro bikinis are more common and mainly acceptable are at body buildign competitions,since the participants are supposed to show off as much muscles as they can. Here the bikinis are solely used for a professional purpose and not to attract the opposite sex.

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