Why Do We Love Sex Toys


sextoys1 It’s no secret that a few novelty items can spice up an otherwise tepid sexual relationship. There are shops that carry these items in almost every major city.  They may carry anything from sexy lingerie to vibrators; dildos to fake vaginas. Sex toys are no longer as taboo a subject as they once were.

Nowadays, many toys can be ordered by mail or online. Thousands of sex toys are bought each year in an effort to add variety to sexual activities.  Others buy them to achieve self-satisfaction. Owning a sex toy does not make you a sexual deviant.

Advertisements for vibrators used to be far more discreet. Nobody wanted to admit what their actual intended use was, so the instructions for these “personal massagers” contained pictures of women using vibrators on their shoulders, backs, and even cheeks. They were billed as relaxation devices and muscular stress relievers more than anything else.

Men haven’t been left out, either. There are now fake vaginas and vibrating rings that men can use during masturbation to keep things interesting. There are almost as many male-geared toys available now as there are female ones.

A major component of this new view of sex toys is the idea that masturbation is no longer a taboo act. Masturbation won’t make you go blind or lead to defective children. Instead, masturbation is now considered a normal and natural way for people to pleasure themselves. It can alleviate symptoms of stress and loneliness.  It is also a method of exploration of the body and sexuality.  Masturbation can be part of any healthy adult’s life.

Masturbation can help individuals understand their own sexual proclivities and facilitate an explanation of sexual preferences to their partners. With that knowledge, individuals are better able to please one another and make sure that they are pleased in the bedroom.  Sexual skills are just like any other skill; it must be practiced to improve effectiveness.  Sexual toys can help with explorations of the sexual arena.

If your love life is waning, try something new and bring a toy or two into the bedroom.